cat towers condosDo you want an all-inclusive cat toy that will make sure your cat will never again get bored? Then it might be a great idea to get a cat tower or condo. What are cat towers condos? And why do cats love them? If you’re curious and to know the answers to these questions then I invite you to read this entire article carefully. In it we’ll discuss what cat towers & condos exactly are and he 5 benefits that you can give your cat (and yourself) when you get one. In the end we’ll close off with 2 recommended cat towers that will sure make your cat feel like a happy kitten again.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Cat towers condos – what are they?

Cat towers and condos are cat furniture. They’re usually bigger than regular cat toys and you can place them on the ground. A cat tower is of course a larger tower on which your cats can jump, play and chill. Most of the cat towers included several of the following things as well:

  • Scratch posts – these are great to keep your cats nail in top shape. But also to make sure that your new expensive couch doesn’t become the target of your little kitties nail maintenance!
  • Hanging toys – as you know cats love to hit small things with their paws. Especially if they’re hanging from a rope so it’s almost as if it’s a living mouse that got trapped in the claws of your cat. These toys are great for bringing back the hunting instinct of your little friend and he’ll absolutely love it.
  • Condos – most cat towers also include a little condo on of their levels. This is just what you’d think it is: a little comfortable and cosy cat house where your cat can relax from all the playing on the tower.

Now, of course there are many different cat towers and each of them is different. But these are some of the general extra’s that each of them has. There are some more toys that can be included but these are some of the more popular.

Are you ready to find out what exactly a good cat tower can do for your cat and you? Then continue reading!

Benefits of cat towers & condos

#1 Benefit of cat towers condos: Your cat won’t get bored

The first benefit is that with a good cat tower your cat won’t get bored. This is especially important if you have a job and our cat sometimes has to go for longer periods of time without you. When you get him a cat tower or condo he can play there all day and when he gets tired retreat in his little house to recharge for when you come home. It’s the ideal cat toy!

#2 Benefit of cat towers condos: Keeps your furniture safe

Because each cat tower has some scratch posts, it means that your cat will use these to keep his nails in top shape. Now, virtually every cat tower uses sisal rope for the scratch posts. And this material has been found to really attract cats to scratch it. This means that they will leave your expensive furniture alone and will scratch their nails at the cat tower!

cat condos
Let your cat release his instincts on cat furniture – not on your real furniture!

#3 Benefit of cat towers condos: It’s a lot of fun to watch

If you’re anything like me (and most cat owners), then you love to watch your little cat play. She jumps around, tries to catch a butterfly or your sneaky laser pen. Anyway, it’s simply good to watch how your kitty is being active and having fun. This is especially true when you get a cat tower. Your cat will jump on it, scratch his paws there and will be enjoying every moment of it. Your cat will absolutely love playing on a good cat tower.

#4 Benefit of cat towers condos: Keeps your cat(s) healthy

A cat needs to have several things in order to be as healthy as he can possible be. The first thing is that he gets the right nutrition. You can read more about that on this page. The second thing is that he can be active and play. And the final thing is that he can scratch his nails and stretch. This is not only good for his nails, but also for the muscles in his legs and paws. A cat tower will offer your cat lots of play and a good place to scratch his nails.

#5 Benefit of cat towers condos: It’s great for your cat and for you

If you’ve reached all the way down here then you’ll already know that getting a cat tower will be incredibly fun. Not only for your cat, but also for you to watch and see how he’s having fun. And did you know that there are literally cat towers available for any price. So even if you’re on a budget you can still get one.

Below I’ve written two recommendations for cat towers. One is a more luxurious one and the other is a do-it-yourself cat tower. I really like them both and that’s why I’ve described them here. Feel free to check my complete reviews of them by clicking on the included links.

Recommended cat towers condos

  • Go Pet Club Cat towerthis is a luxurious cat tower that your cat (or cats) will absolutely love. It has everything that he needs to play all day and not get bored. Includes toys and condos. Click here to read my full review of the Go Pet Club Cat tower
  • Kitty cityif you’ve loved to play with Lego when you were younger you’ll absolutely love this. With all the materials you can create your own cat tower and customize it so that it suits your cat(s) exactly! And on top of that it’s also a lot cheaper than regular, solid cat towers.


P.S. want to see more cat towers & condos? Click here for an overview of all the cat towers and condos on this site!

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