fromm cat foodIf you’re looking for high quality cat food, then you’ve probably heard of Fromm cat food. It’s a brand that offers your cat tasty and nutritious food that will make sure that your cat can live well and have all the energy that he needs in his busy cat life!

Note: in this Fromm cat food review we’ll be discussing the company behind the food, Fromm. We also briefly talk about 2 types of cat owners who’ll love to give their cat Fromm cat food. After that you can find the 5 benefits of giving your cat this nutritious food and we’ll end off with the best place where you can buy Fromm cat food.

So, let’s not wait any longer and dive into it!

About Fromm

Fromm is a company that specializes in high quality products for pets. They’re a family business that makes nutritious foods for both cats and dogs. All their pet foods are made in small batches to ensure high quality, fresh taste and optimal nutrients.

Fromm cat food specifications

There are many different types of tastes of Fromm cat food, but the most popular ones are:

  • Salmon tunachovy – includes salmon, tuna, anchovy and fresh Mediterranean garden vegetables.
  • Chicken a la veg – a specially prepared blend of lean chicken, grains, and fine produce
  • Gamebird – Prepared With Duck, Turkey, Quail, and Pheasant.

Note: for a complete overview of each of the specifications of each taste. Please click on the specified links at the end of this article for each taste.

fromm cat food review
Salmon Tunavechy is grain-free and great for the health of your cat

Two types of cat owners who’ll love to feed their cats Fromm cat food

  • Cat owners who care about the health of their cats and only want to give them high quality cat food – if you want your cat to only eat the best food it can get (alternative to catching his food himself) then Fromm cat food is exactly what you need.
  • Cat owners who want many different tastes of food for their cats that are interchangeable – you can change the taste of the cat food without any problems whatsoever. Each taste is made so that your cat will enjoy virtually all of them so he won’t ignore it.

5 benefits of Fromm cat food

#1 High quality cat food

All the Fromm cat food is made from meat that is of the same quality for humans. Some other brands only use so called ‘trash’ meat that is from the parts that humans don’t eat. Or if there’s something wrong with the meat and it’s not suitable for human consumption.

Not with Fromm cat food. All the meat is from high quality sources and the vegetables are also from fresh produce. On top of that it’s made in small batches so you can expect higher quality than factory made cat food from other cat food brands

#2 Contains all the nutrients a cat need

Every taste and ingredients are composed in such a way that it contains all the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to live a healthy good life. This means that you can easily feed him Fromm cat food without needing any other food whatsoever. This comes in very handy if you want to be sure that your cat gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

buy fromm cat food
Chicken a la Veg is good if you want your cat to be healthy and active!

#3 You can pick a grain-free variant

If you’ve found that your cat doesn’t do too well eating grains, then you don’t have to worry. Because some cats simply do better without grains in their diet, Fromm has also many tastes that are complete grain free. So if your cat doesn’t like grains, you can still give him optimally nutritious food that contains everything he needs.

#4 Suitable for cats all ages

Some cat foods are only for kitten, while others are for elderly cats. This can be a good thing, since cats from different ages have different needs. However, Fromm cat food was designed in such a way that it contain plenty of all the minerals and vitamins that cats from all ages need.

So if you have several cats at home, and some are old and some are still kittens, you can safely put Fromm cat food in their food bucket. Knowing that each of them gets all the nutrients that he needs.

#5 Many different tastes that can be alternated

As you’ve found out by now, there are many different tastes of Fromm cat food. Now, you also might have cat that is a bit of a ‘picky eater’. So you might have tried changing cat foods before and that didn’t go too well.

With Fromm cat food you don’t have to worry as each blend is made in such a way that your cat will actually welcome the new taste instead of be wary of it. So no more problems giving your cat a healthy and varied diet!

Fromm cat food reviews

“My cats are getting a bit older and I want to give them everything and all the nutrients that they need. They liked to eat Fromm from the very start. I got them salmon tunachovy but later on also bought them gamebird so they have a bit of variety.”

– Madison


“It’s the first grain-free cat food that my cats like and eat. I’m so happy I found it because one of my cats does not do well with grains and it’s very tough to keep him from eating the food for my other cats!”

– Marly

Best place to order Fromm cat food

Curious what the best place is to order Fromm cat food? Well, I’d recommend you go to Amazon since the cat food is not available everywhere. Choose below which taste will suit your cat best and remember that you can always alternate them!

Click here to order Salmon Tunachovy & give your cat the pleasure of real sea foods!

Click here to order chicken a la veg for a healthy vegetable mix with chicken!

And click here to order gamebird to give your cat a taste of the wild life!



P.S. want to see the complete assortment of cat foods from Fromm? Click here to find out about every single taste that you can give your cat!

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