molly and friendsIf you’re looking for a strong and stable cat scratch tower then Molly and Friends are exactly what you need. They make all sorts of different cat towers – but each of them has one thing in common: they’re all very strong and our cat will love to put his claws in them.

In this page we’ll discuss the Molly and Friends cat furniture. You’ll find out what exactly makes Molly and Friends so special and we recommend one specific cat tower that you’ll absolutely love if you have a cat (or many!) at home.

So let’s dive into this Molly and Friends review and find out why their cat furniture is so special…

About Molly and Friends

Molly and Friends is a USA based manufacturer of cat furniture. They have been making lovely cat towers and cat trees since 1997 and have become one of the most popular cat furniture manufacturers in the USA (and in the whole world!).

They value quality above and all and many of their cat towers are handmade to ensure optimal quality. So you can expect each tower to be durable, safe and fun!

molly and friends review
Your cat will love to play on a Molly and Friends cat tower!

Molly and Friends Four cat furniture specifications

At the moment one of the most popular cat towers from Molly and Friends is their four-tier scratching post. You can take a look at the pictures to see how it exactly looks. Here are its specifications:

  • Suited for cats from all sizes – no matter how big or small your cat is, he will enjoy playing with the cat tower.
  • Available colors – the cat tower can be ordered in single/double color. Pick between beige, blue burgundy, green and some more!
  • Dimensions & weight – the towers dimensions are 24 x 24 x 66 inches and it weighs 90 pounds.
  • Assembly – no need to assemble the tower as it comes in one piece.
  • # of scratching poles – there are 4 scratching poles.
  • # of beds – each pole has a bed on top on a different height.
  • Material – the poles are made from manufactured wood and are layered with sisal rope.

Note: for more detailed information about the specifics of the Molly and Friend four-tier cat tower and prices for each color, please go to this page.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love Molly and Friends

  • Cat owners who want their cats to stop clawing on furniture and curtains – cats love to claw the thick sisal rope with their claws and prefer this to other furniture. So if you experience problems with your cats clawing things they’re not supposed to, getting a Molly and Friends scratch tower can be just what you need.
  • Cat owners who are frequently away for longer periods of time – if you don’t want your cat to be bored whenever you’re away, the Molly and Friends tower will make sure your cats have enough to do while you’re away. As a bonus they will keep their nails in top-shape without damaging your couch!

5 benefits of Molly and Friends cat furniture

#1 Suited for cats of all sizes

Because the tower is delivered completely assembled it is very stable. Some other towers that you have to assemble yourself often have a maximum amount of weight that the tower can handle. So when 2 or more cats play on it, there is a high chance it will fall.

Not the Molly and Friends cat furniture. This is made to accommodate cats of all sizes. And because it comes in one piece you don’t have to worry that it won’t be strong as enough for your cat(s).

#2 Solid wood poles and stable scratch posts

As we said before the solid wooden poles and sisal rope for scratching are great for your cats. Not only is sisal rope one of the favourite materials for cats to claw on, but it also keeps their nails in good shape so you don’t have to worry about that.

Another benefit of the solid wooden poles is that you can place the tower anywhere. Many other towers need to be placed in a corner for optimal stability, but this is not necessary with the Molly and Friends 4 tier cat tower.

#3 No assembly required

We’ve talked before that the tower is more stable and stronger because you don’t need to assemble it. But it’s molly and friends cat furniturealso a benefit in itself! You won’t have to take out your toolbox and start screwing everything together to construct the tower. You can just place it in your room and that is all the assembly that you’ll need to do!


#4 Easy to clean

Another benefit is that the sisal rope is easy to clean. You can simply vacuum it or clean it with a damp cloth. No need to spend hours cleaning it, but you can just incorporate it into your regular cleaning and it will take you less than a minute to make sure your cats can play again on a nice and clean scratch tower!

#5 Scratch and rest in one!

The final benefit is that your cats can do everything they want on the tower. It includes the 2 favourite activities of many cats:

  • Scratching on fine material
  • Resting on a nice soft bed

Just place a cup with his favourite cat food next to the tower and he’ll be in cat heaven!

Molly and friends review

“I bought this tower now 4 years ago and it still looks like new. I have recommended it to some of my friends and they are also very happy with it!”

– Margret


“It’s really stable. We have 3 cats and each of them is 15 to 20 pounds. Even if they’re all three jumping and scratching on the tower it stays exactly where it needs to be.”

– Jim

Where to buy Molly and Friends cat furniture?

If you’re curious where to buy the Molly and Friends four-tier scratch tower, then I recommend you check it out on Amazon. They have a large selection of different Molly and Friends cat furniture and you”re sure to find something you like there!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to order the Molly and Friends cat tower & give your cats what they deserve!

buy molly and friends


P.S. did you know Molly and Friends has more than 25 different cat towers? Click here for an overview of each of their scratch posts and cat towers to see if you see something that you like!

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