best cat toys for bored catsKeeping your cat active and healthy should be one of your top priorities as a cat owner. Unfortunately, there are many ways that this can go wrong – and one of them is when your cat is bored all the time at home. This happens a lot with people whose cat(s) don’t get any playtime outside. After all, cats are made to be wild animals in the outdoor, so keeping them inside in your apartment won’t be too good for them. But there are some things that you can do to make things better. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best cat toys for bored cats. Take a look and see if there’s anything in there for your cat!

You might know that usually here on Prokittens we take a more natural approach to cat health. After all, it’s a good thing to let your cat(s) go outside once a while and give them a good cat tree inside for example. But there simply will come up times in your cats life when he will be bored. Having some good toys close by will keep boredom and bay and will keep your cat active and healthy. not to mention that watching him play with all his toys is a pleasure for you too!

Top 5 best cat toys for bored cats

#1 YoFUN interactive rotating cat ball

The YoFUn interactive ball is a self rotating ball that will randomly move. It can move in every direction (360- degrees) and this means that your cat will be chasing it. From the moment your press the *on* button, it will continuously move throughout the house while emitting a red light.

This will draw the attention of your cat and he will start chasing it. It’s the perfect thing to keep your cat’s coordination and hunting skills up to par. So it’s not only a good plaything against boredom, but it’s also a great exercise for cats. As you know, cats are hunters by nature and if you keep him too long inside without any hunting experience or simulation – it’s not good for his instinct. The Yofun interactive ball will help your cat be active and healthy.

You can order the YoFUN interactive self rotating cal ball here on Amazon.

#2 Cat tunnel with ball

This one is more for smaller cats (or kittens). It’s a 3-way tunnel where cats can climb into and play. It’s made from premium durable material so it won’t tear as cats will scratch it. It also has a little peephole so that cats can look out of it from the top. And to make it even better it has a little playball that your cats can play with.

bored cats
If your cat is staying inside all the time, then chances are high that he’s bored.

If you want to have a little cat tunnel in your house/apartment so that your cat(s) can play in it, then this 3-way cat tunnel is one of the best available. It will give your cat a place to explore and relax in so that he won’t be bored again when you’re not home.

Find out more about the 3-way cat tunnel here on Amazon.

#3 Turbo track cat toy

If your cat likes to play ball, then this turbo track is exactly what you need at home so he won’t be bored. It’s a little race track with a ball in it. Your cat can hit the ball and it will keep on going rounds on the track. It’s a good thing to have at home to keep your cat interested in – so he won’t use his claws at your new furniture. Recommended to buy multiple sets so that you can create even better tracks. It’s fully customizable so you can also change the tracks yourself to shake things up once a while.

Click here to order the turbo track cat toy on Amazon.

#4 Laser pointer

This one is a classic in the best cat toys for bored cats. You’ve probably seen videos before of cats going crazy trying to catch a little red dot from a laser pointer. It’s one of the cheapest and most fun toys for your cat. It will get his attention and he’ll try to jump and catch the laser point. Which he of course never will – but that’s all part of the game. Now, I don’t recommend using this all the time for your cat. As he might stop trusting his instincts, but once a while it’s a great thing to get your cat’s attention and relieve him from his boredom.

Get a laser pointer here.

#5 Kitty city interactive cat tower

If you like to build something for your cat, then you’re absolutely going to love the Kitty city cat tower. It’s a type of Lego tower – but then designed especially for your bored cat. And of course it’s also a lot more durable. So you won’t have to worry about anything breaking.

It’s one of my favorite cat towers, mainly because you can create something new once a while. If you’re cat gets bored with the way the tower is built – no problem. You can just create a new one for him. And the tower comes including with several toys and ball so that your cat has everything he needs to be a healthy and happy cat.

Learn more about the Kitty Cit cat tower in my comprehensive review!

Final words best cat toys for bored cats

If you’re anything like me, you just love it when your cat is playing around. It’s a great thing to see him completely focused on something and trying to catch it. Whether that’s a mouse outside, or a little self-moving ball that you bought him. Your cat was meant to be active and this list of the best cat toys for bored cats will help you find something to relieve his boredom.





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