best cat toys for exerciseYou’ve probably seen them before – fat cats that are sleeping all day. Even though they might look cute sometimes, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing. And maybe it’s your cat that is getting too fat. In that case you’re probably getting a little worried if everything will be alright with his health. Well, I’m here to tell you that just as for humans getting too fat is a bad thing – so is it for cats. That’s why I’ve made this short list about the best cat toys for exercise that will help your cat become more active and healthy.

Before you read any further. Please know that the most important factor in the weight of your cat is the (amount of) food that he’s eating. So if you’re continually giving him huge amounts, then it’s better to give him a little bit less. Or get a high quality cat food that will make sure he gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

What are the best cat toys for exercise?

#1 Get a good cat tree

If you’re cat is getting to fat, then the first thing I would do is get him a good cat tree. You see, when you have a cat tree home your cat will automatically start playing around on it. Especially if it has a couple of nice soft places on top where he can comfortably lie down. He will have to climb all the way up in order to reach it. I like all the Molly and Friends cat trees since they also function as cat crabbing poles and they have catnip extract in the material built in. That means that your cat will be magically drawn to it and will use it.

cat trees exercise cats
A good cat tree has some places where your cat can lie down and relax. Preferably on the higher levels – so that he has to put in some effort to get there!

#2 Self-rotating ball

Another great thing if you want your cat to get more exercise is to get a little self rotating ball. You can get them on Amazon if you want. With a self-rotating ball your cat will try to catch it and since it’s moving away itself it can be very difficult for him. The ball will keep your cat on his toes and give him a good workout. Your cat’s instinct will get activated and your cat will think the ball is something like a little animal. Needless to say, this will keep him active and gives him some exercise. He will jump around and try to catch the ball.

#3 The old simple laser pointer

If you’re looking for a quick simple way that you can give your cat a good workout – then don’t look any further than the laser pointer. Just like with the ball, your cat will go crazy to try to catch the laser dot. Of course he won’t be able to, but this will give him a great workout in the process. You can give him this exercise a couple of times per week. I recommend you don’t do it too often. Your cat might at some point realise that he’s never going to catch it and stop paying attention.

Why is it important that your cat gets exercise?

If your cat is a home cat – then he must do something for his hunting instinct

Most cats that are staying in apartments or homes are not moving enough. Cats are outdoor animals by nature and if they’re not moving and jumping enough, this can make your cat feel miserable. On top of that it’s a cause of him getting too fat and this can have serious health complications in the long run. So if you can let your cat go outside once a while then this is absolutely perfect. He will climb some trees and maybe even catch a little mouse or bird. This will satisfy his hunting instincts and he’ll be active as well!

Now, I realise that this is not an option for many cat owners. Maybe you live in an environment where it’s unsafe for your cat. Or there is no way he can enter your apartment without you letting him. In that case it’s a good idea to simulate some of the hunting aspect in your cat’s life. You can get some of the best cat toys for exercise that I mentioned before. This will help him be more active.

Letting your cat go outside is a great way for him to get some exercise!

Too many cats are getting too fat

Not getting enough exercise is only one part of the equation. if you’re serious about your cat’s health, then you also need to give him the right cat food. And in the right amounts. Always check the package of the food to see how much servings a regular cat needs. And don’t feed him more. Even if he’s asking for it. Now, if your cat is eating way too much, then it’s a good thing to slowly reduce his portions. So that he won’t feel like he’s starving. In the end, it’s your responsibility that your cat gets enough exercise and doesn’t overeat.

Conclusion best cat toys for exercise

I hope you enjoyed this article about the best cat toys for exercise. The health and well-being of your cat is very important and – just as humans – your cat needs to be active and do some sort of exercise. This can be done naturally. Just let him go outside and he will find ways to be active. He’ll start climbing trees and go hunting. If this is not an option, then you can get some cat toys to simulate his hunting instinct.

Also consider giving him less – or better – food. So that he’ll become less fat. often this is enough to make him feel healthier and lose weight. And the more happy and in-shape your cat is, the happier you’ll be!



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