Cats are creatures that need to be active. But unfortunately they don’t need to be active the entire day such as some other pets. What this means is that your cat has to be active and play for about 1-2 hours every day (of course depending on your cat). But when he’s not allowed to go outside, then you have to make sure that he can play inside. After all, cats are meant to be outdoor animals. And you can’t just undo thousands years of developing his instinct by having him in your house al the tie. In order to make sure your cat will still be active and up to his instincts, ve decided to make this short list of the best cat toys for indoor cats. Feel free to read through it and get something for your cat so that he won’t be bored when you’re not at home!

What are the best cat toys for indoor cats?

Since you’re probably not going to be home all the time (you’ve got work and a social life), there are a couple of requirements for a good indoor cat toy. After all, you can’t just put something in your house and hope that your cat will like it. Maybe he won’t and then it would be a waste of time and money. So before we get into the list of the best cat tos for indoor cats, I want to quickly let you know what a good cat toy needs.

Requirements of good indoor cat toys:

#1 Lets your cat be active

A good cat to should let your cat be active. After all, that’s the whole point of a cat toy. It should stimulate your cat and let him use his hunting instincts. It should allow him to play and develop his coordination and balance. Each of the following cat toys has this built in it. So you know that they are good. And as always, be sure to check it when you’re thinking of getting a new cat toy for your cat.

#2 Is durable

The second thing that a good indoor cat toy should be is durable. The chances are very high that your cat will be using it to sharpen his claws on (instead of your furniture hopefully!). And it would be shame if you’d have to do away with his new toy because it wouldn’t be durable. That’s why I always recommend to buy quality stuff (it might cost a bit more, but that’ll be worth it).

#3 He can play when you’re not around

The final requirement for a good indoor cat toy would be that he can play with it even if yore not around. Why? Because there will be many days when you (or your family) won’t be home for large periods of time. And you don’t want a bored cat in your house. That is a surefire way to get him to claw all your curtains and couches. So a good cat toy would be something that he can play with even if he’s home alone. So that he can play whenever he wants to.

best cat toys for indoor cats
Don’t let your cat get bored – find out what the best cat toys for indoor cats are!

Recommended best cat toys for indoor cats

#1 Kitty City Tower

This is one of my favorite cat toys of all time. The Kitty City cat tower is like a combination of Lego and regular cat towers. You see, you can create your own tower for your cat. This is great if you like to make something for him. You can try out new structures and see if your cat likes it better or not than the old one. And if he doesn’t? No problem – just create a new one!

The great thing is that you can add all sorts of little playthings to it. Think about cat shelters, a place where he can claw his little paws. Or even some toys to hang on it so he can try to catch it. The Kitty City cat tower is really an all-inclusive cat playground. It’s not too expensive and if you have the money you can even get 2 sets. Why? Because then you can create an even bigger tower with more stuff for your cat. Not to mention that it will be a blast for you to build it anyway!

You can read my full review of the Kitty City cat tower here.

#2 Molly and Friends Cat tower

Molly and Friends is a brand that creates high quality stuff for your cat. Especially their cat towers are very popular and chances are that you’ve seen it at one of your friends places. The great thing about their towers is that they are made from very durable material. And also that they have some catnip in them. So you’ll be sure that your cat will want to chill and jump and play on it.

Depending on the model of the tower they also include several cat shelters, cat crabbing poles and little hanging toys that your cat can play with. If you want more information – then you can read my full review about the Molly and Friends cat tower here!

#3 Other cat toys for indoor cats

I recently wrote another article about the best interactive cat toys. In it I described why it is important that your cat has something to play with. And I also gave 4 examples of good toys that your cat can play with. You can either get one of the towers that I talked about in this article (be sure to check my reviews). Or be sure to read my article about the best interactive cat toys.

Cats are creatures that need to be active and if they don’t it might harm their development. You can read my best interactive cat toys article here.




P.S. I hop you enjoyed reading about the best cat toys for indoor cats. If you have any toys or ideas that you’d like me to include, then please feel free to leave a comment. I would be glad to update my list with your suggestion!

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