best natural cat foodIf you have one or more little cats running around in your house, then you only want the best for them. Whether they’re little kittens or older and wiser cats, they all have one thing in common. They need the best natural cat food that they can get in order to be healthy, happy and strong cats.

But what is the right type of food for them? If you’re looking to find out what the best natural cat food is for your feline friends, then you’re on the right page. First we’ll shortly discuss the 5 things that each cat food should offer your cat.

And then if you’re curious, we’ll give your our recommendations for best natural cat food that will make your cat a healthy and active cat!

So, let’s not wait any longer and dive in!

Best natural cat food

There are many low quality cat foods available. And they all have several things in common. That’s also why you should be careful if you’re buying a new type of cat food for your cats. The main problem is finding a brand that uses high quality ingredients as this is the most important things.

High quality cat food -> High quality of life for your cat.

So what exactly should a high quality cat food brand offer you? Continue reading to find out the 5 things every natural cat food brand should have…

What should you look for in the best natural cat food

#1 High quality

The first thing is that it should be high quality. How do you check this? Well, the main part to find out whether cat food is high quality is to carefully read the following things:

  • Ingredient list – carefully check the ingredient list. In general, you want this list to be as short as possible and you don’t want to see any weird names that you don’t understand.
  • Productions methods – many higher quality cat food brands choose to make their blends in small batches. This is opposed to lower quality brands that virtually always make their food in big factory batches. This makes it more difficult to control quality and often quantity is more important to them than quality.

#2 Available grain-free

The next thing that you should look at if the cat food is available grain free. The reason for this is because many cheaper brands add grains to their cat food mixes because grain is a cheap ingredient compared to meat and fish. Unfortunately, meat and fish are the real nutrition that the body of your cat has evolved to eat.

Many cats even react adversely to eating grains. That is logical since cats in the wild don’t eat grains and their bodies do not know what to do with it. So if a brand is available grain-free then this is also a good sign that it is a good natural cat food brand.

#3 Suitable for cats from all ages

Another thing to check for is if the cat food is available for cats of every different age. Although nutritional requirements differ for kittens and for older cats, in general most cats have a very simple diet. All they need is meat and fish and if they get this in high quality variants, then the cat food should be good for them.

Some cat food brands market that their food is especially good for kittens or older cats, but this is most often nothing more than a marketing plot. The best natural cat food is suited for cats of all ages.

healthy cat food
Cats of all ages should eat natural and healthy foods!

#4 Contains the right types of protein

The next important thing is that the cat food contains the right types of protein. What are the right types? Take a look at the following list:

  • Meat – a good cat food should include meat as your cat has evolved to eat mainly meat.
  • Fish – fish is also an excellent option of protein for your cat.
  • Eggs – even though cats do not eat many eggs In the wild, it still is a great source of protein that your cat can use to be healthy.

#5 Made with biological ingredients

Now that you know what types of cat food are great for a cat’s health, it’s also important to check whether the sources of these animal proteins were biological. After all, if your cat is eating chicken that has been pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, then you can expect that this has an adverse effect for your cat.

That’s why it’s good to check how the meat that is used in the cat food was been produced. Biological is virtually always better than factory meat. And your cat will notice the difference!

Best natural cat food: our recommendations

We have reviewed quite a lot of different types of cat food. But here are the most popular variants that we absolutely recommend to give to your cat if you’re looking for the best natural cat food available.

These 2 brands of cat food will ensure that your cat gets all the right nutrients he needs to live a good cat life full of energy and health.

Here they are:

  • Fromm cat foodavailable in any different types of tastes but one thing is sure – your cat will absolutely love it. Click here to read my full Fromm cat food review to find out everything you need to know about this food.
  • Orijen cat food another great option if you care about the health of your cat(s).grain-free and made only from biological ingredients – you can be sure that your cat will feel great eating Orijen cat food. Click here to read my comprehensive Orijen cat food review.


P.S. curious for other types of cat foods that are also great for your cat? Click here for a top list of 10 cat food brands. This list includes all types of high quality and/or biological cat foods that will do a lot for the health of your cat. And remember: a happy cat is a happy you!

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