Cat Towers Condos: Play & Rest Combined In One Piece of Cat Furniture

cat towers condosDo you want an all-inclusive cat toy that will make sure your cat will never again get bored? Then it might be a great idea to get a cat tower or condo. What are cat towers condos? And why do cats love them? If you’re curious and to know the answers to these questions then I invite you to read this entire article carefully. In it we’ll discuss what cat towers & condos exactly are and he 5 benefits that you can give your cat (and yourself) when you get one. In the end we’ll close off with 2 recommended cat towers that will sure make your cat feel like a happy kitten again.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Cat towers condos – what are they?

Cat towers and condos are cat furniture. They’re usually bigger than regular cat toys and you can place them on the ground. A cat tower is of course a larger tower on which your cats can jump, play and chill. Most of the cat towers included several of the following things as well:

  • Scratch posts – these are great to keep your cats nail in top shape. But also to make sure that your new expensive couch doesn’t become the target of your little kitties nail maintenance!
  • Hanging toys – as you know cats love to hit small things with their paws. Especially if they’re hanging from a rope so it’s almost as if it’s a living mouse that got trapped in the claws of your cat. These toys are great for bringing back the hunting instinct of your little friend and he’ll absolutely love it.
  • Condos – most cat towers also include a little condo on of their levels. This is just what you’d think it is: a little comfortable and cosy cat house where your cat can relax from all the playing on the tower.

Now, of course there are many different cat towers and each of them is different. But these are some of the general extra’s that each of them has. There are some more toys that can be included but these are some of the more popular.

Are you ready to find out what exactly a good cat tower can do for your cat and you? Then continue reading!

Benefits of cat towers & condos

#1 Benefit of cat towers condos: Your cat won’t get bored

The first benefit is that with a good cat tower your cat won’t get bored. This is especially important if you have a job and our cat sometimes has to go for longer periods of time without you. When you get him a cat tower or condo he can play there all day and when he gets tired retreat in his little house to recharge for when you come home. It’s the ideal cat toy!

#2 Benefit of cat towers condos: Keeps your furniture safe

Because each cat tower has some scratch posts, it means that your cat will use these to keep his nails in top shape. Now, virtually every cat tower uses sisal rope for the scratch posts. And this material has been found to really attract cats to scratch it. This means that they will leave your expensive furniture alone and will scratch their nails at the cat tower!

cat condos
Let your cat release his instincts on cat furniture – not on your real furniture!

#3 Benefit of cat towers condos: It’s a lot of fun to watch

If you’re anything like me (and most cat owners), then you love to watch your little cat play. She jumps around, tries to catch a butterfly or your sneaky laser pen. Anyway, it’s simply good to watch how your kitty is being active and having fun. This is especially true when you get a cat tower. Your cat will jump on it, scratch his paws there and will be enjoying every moment of it. Your cat will absolutely love playing on a good cat tower.

#4 Benefit of cat towers condos: Keeps your cat(s) healthy

A cat needs to have several things in order to be as healthy as he can possible be. The first thing is that he gets the right nutrition. You can read more about that on this page. The second thing is that he can be active and play. And the final thing is that he can scratch his nails and stretch. This is not only good for his nails, but also for the muscles in his legs and paws. A cat tower will offer your cat lots of play and a good place to scratch his nails.

#5 Benefit of cat towers condos: It’s great for your cat and for you

If you’ve reached all the way down here then you’ll already know that getting a cat tower will be incredibly fun. Not only for your cat, but also for you to watch and see how he’s having fun. And did you know that there are literally cat towers available for any price. So even if you’re on a budget you can still get one.

Below I’ve written two recommendations for cat towers. One is a more luxurious one and the other is a do-it-yourself cat tower. I really like them both and that’s why I’ve described them here. Feel free to check my complete reviews of them by clicking on the included links.

Recommended cat towers condos

  • Go Pet Club Cat towerthis is a luxurious cat tower that your cat (or cats) will absolutely love. It has everything that he needs to play all day and not get bored. Includes toys and condos. Click here to read my full review of the Go Pet Club Cat tower
  • Kitty cityif you’ve loved to play with Lego when you were younger you’ll absolutely love this. With all the materials you can create your own cat tower and customize it so that it suits your cat(s) exactly! And on top of that it’s also a lot cheaper than regular, solid cat towers.


P.S. want to see more cat towers & condos? Click here for an overview of all the cat towers and condos on this site!

Kitty Condos: What to Look for In a Cat House + 2 Recommendations

kitty condos buyYour cat is one of your most precious friends in your house. That’s why you want the absolute best for him. It’s always a good idea to give him the most healthy cat food available (click here to find out which cat foods we recommend for a healthy and happy kitty), but you also want him to have his own little space somewhere. Especially if your cat is an indoor cat it’s important that he has a little place that he can call his own. Now, you don’t have to create something yourself for this – because that’s exactly what kitty condos are for!

Note: in this article we’ll explain what exactly kitty condos are. And chances are if you’re looking for one that you also want to know what the some of the things are that you should watch out for when looking for a good kitty condo. So we’ll give you 5 things to look out for. At the end of this article you can read about our top kitty condos recommendations.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out everything about kitty condos!

What are kitty condos?

The word already explains it. A kitty condo is a little house for your cat. Cats are naturally very territorial animals. And that’s why it’s a great idea to give him his own space. A small place where he can feel absolutely safe and where he can comfortable lie and sleep. Because that is actually what cats want!

A cat condo should be a comfortable and cosy little house where your cat can always go and retreat whenever he needs to rest. Whether this is at night when he sleeps or after an intense playing session during the day. Kitty condos will make sure your cat feels good and it will satisfy his need for his own territorial space.

What should you look for when shopping for kitty condos?

#1 How many cats does it fit?

Some kitty condos are mad for 1 cat. Others are made so that several cats fit. So it’s important to find out what type of condo you’re buying. Always check the specifications to find out how many cats fit comfortable in the kitty condo.

#2 What is the interior made of?

This is the second thing to watch out for. You want the inside to be very comfortable for cats. Many times you’ll see that the inside of condos that are included in cat trees (see #3) is made from sisal rope. Cats love to scratch sisal rope and it’s therefore a great thing if the interior of his condo is made from it

#3 Do you only want a kitty condo or a cat condo/tree?

As we said in #2, there are also cat trees. A cat tree is a combination of a scratching pole and a large cat toy. And sometimes they even have a cat condo included.

Take a look at the picture below to see what I mean. This is the ultimate gift for your cat. He can play all day (when you’re at work and he’s not having anyone to distract him), and after he gets tired he can retreat to his own little comfortable place.

kitty condos
If you keep your cat indoor, he will absolutely love a good cat tree/condo!

So, it’s important to know whether you want just a kitty condo or a condo in a cat tree.

#4 Inside or outside?

Some kitty condos are made for outside. It’s more of a cat shelter, but the underlying principles are the same. It gives your cat a safe place to stay the night and he can comfortable sleep there. For outside condos it’s also important that they are stronger and can protect him from extreme heat/cold and wind.

On the other hand if you’re keeping your cat indoors, then you can simply pick any type of condo you like! Take a look at the kitty condos recommendations to see our top choices for both indoor and outdoor condos!

#5 Price

The final thing to check is the price. Not all condos are made equal and you want to be sure to not pick a very cheap one. Why? Because the quality is generally pretty shitty and it will either be not too comfortable for your cat or it will break down fast.

What is a good price? Well, depending on your type of condo I’d say somewhere between $50 and $200. However, if you’re getting a good cat tree with it, then the price can be as high $500. Your cat is one of your best friends and you sure don’t want to skimp on caring for him!

Kitty condos: our recommendations

Here are our top 2 choices for kitty condos. I have extensively reviewed both of them on this site, so you can click the links to read my complete reviews. Take a look and see if one of them suits your cat!

Indoor: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a cat tree that also has several cat condos included on some of the scratching poles. It’s made from sisal rope so your cat will love to scratch it and lie on the material. It’s a great all-inclusive option for your cats and you won’t regret purchasing this cat tree.

Click here to read my full review of the Go Pet Club Cat tree.

Outdoor: The Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is an outdoor cat shelter that protects your cat from extreme weather, wind and predators. So if your cat stays outside during the night (or day), this shelter is great affordable way to keep him safe. It’s isolated so it stays warm during winter and cold in summer.

Click here to read my complete review of the Kitty Tube.


P.S. if you haven’t yet – go look at the list of things to look for when buying a kitty condo. If you’re looking for a good indoor one – Go Pet Club is what you need. If you want an outdoor cat condo – then The Kitty Tube will be the perfect gift for your cat!

Molly and Friends: Luxurious Cat Furniture That Will Keep Your Cat Active!

molly and friendsIf you’re looking for a strong and stable cat scratch tower then Molly and Friends are exactly what you need. They make all sorts of different cat towers – but each of them has one thing in common: they’re all very strong and our cat will love to put his claws in them.

In this page we’ll discuss the Molly and Friends cat furniture. You’ll find out what exactly makes Molly and Friends so special and we recommend one specific cat tower that you’ll absolutely love if you have a cat (or many!) at home.

So let’s dive into this Molly and Friends review and find out why their cat furniture is so special…

About Molly and Friends

Molly and Friends is a USA based manufacturer of cat furniture. They have been making lovely cat towers and cat trees since 1997 and have become one of the most popular cat furniture manufacturers in the USA (and in the whole world!).

They value quality above and all and many of their cat towers are handmade to ensure optimal quality. So you can expect each tower to be durable, safe and fun!

molly and friends review
Your cat will love to play on a Molly and Friends cat tower!

Molly and Friends Four cat furniture specifications

At the moment one of the most popular cat towers from Molly and Friends is their four-tier scratching post. You can take a look at the pictures to see how it exactly looks. Here are its specifications:

  • Suited for cats from all sizes – no matter how big or small your cat is, he will enjoy playing with the cat tower.
  • Available colors – the cat tower can be ordered in single/double color. Pick between beige, blue burgundy, green and some more!
  • Dimensions & weight – the towers dimensions are 24 x 24 x 66 inches and it weighs 90 pounds.
  • Assembly – no need to assemble the tower as it comes in one piece.
  • # of scratching poles – there are 4 scratching poles.
  • # of beds – each pole has a bed on top on a different height.
  • Material – the poles are made from manufactured wood and are layered with sisal rope.

Note: for more detailed information about the specifics of the Molly and Friend four-tier cat tower and prices for each color, please go to this page.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love Molly and Friends

  • Cat owners who want their cats to stop clawing on furniture and curtains – cats love to claw the thick sisal rope with their claws and prefer this to other furniture. So if you experience problems with your cats clawing things they’re not supposed to, getting a Molly and Friends scratch tower can be just what you need.
  • Cat owners who are frequently away for longer periods of time – if you don’t want your cat to be bored whenever you’re away, the Molly and Friends tower will make sure your cats have enough to do while you’re away. As a bonus they will keep their nails in top-shape without damaging your couch!

5 benefits of Molly and Friends cat furniture

#1 Suited for cats of all sizes

Because the tower is delivered completely assembled it is very stable. Some other towers that you have to assemble yourself often have a maximum amount of weight that the tower can handle. So when 2 or more cats play on it, there is a high chance it will fall.

Not the Molly and Friends cat furniture. This is made to accommodate cats of all sizes. And because it comes in one piece you don’t have to worry that it won’t be strong as enough for your cat(s).

#2 Solid wood poles and stable scratch posts

As we said before the solid wooden poles and sisal rope for scratching are great for your cats. Not only is sisal rope one of the favourite materials for cats to claw on, but it also keeps their nails in good shape so you don’t have to worry about that.

Another benefit of the solid wooden poles is that you can place the tower anywhere. Many other towers need to be placed in a corner for optimal stability, but this is not necessary with the Molly and Friends 4 tier cat tower.

#3 No assembly required

We’ve talked before that the tower is more stable and stronger because you don’t need to assemble it. But it’s molly and friends cat furniturealso a benefit in itself! You won’t have to take out your toolbox and start screwing everything together to construct the tower. You can just place it in your room and that is all the assembly that you’ll need to do!


#4 Easy to clean

Another benefit is that the sisal rope is easy to clean. You can simply vacuum it or clean it with a damp cloth. No need to spend hours cleaning it, but you can just incorporate it into your regular cleaning and it will take you less than a minute to make sure your cats can play again on a nice and clean scratch tower!

#5 Scratch and rest in one!

The final benefit is that your cats can do everything they want on the tower. It includes the 2 favourite activities of many cats:

  • Scratching on fine material
  • Resting on a nice soft bed

Just place a cup with his favourite cat food next to the tower and he’ll be in cat heaven!

Molly and friends review

“I bought this tower now 4 years ago and it still looks like new. I have recommended it to some of my friends and they are also very happy with it!”

– Margret


“It’s really stable. We have 3 cats and each of them is 15 to 20 pounds. Even if they’re all three jumping and scratching on the tower it stays exactly where it needs to be.”

– Jim

Where to buy Molly and Friends cat furniture?

If you’re curious where to buy the Molly and Friends four-tier scratch tower, then I recommend you check it out on Amazon. They have a large selection of different Molly and Friends cat furniture and you”re sure to find something you like there!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to order the Molly and Friends cat tower & give your cats what they deserve!

buy molly and friends


P.S. did you know Molly and Friends has more than 25 different cat towers? Click here for an overview of each of their scratch posts and cat towers to see if you see something that you like!

Cat Trees Condos: 5 Benefits of Having a Cat Tree or Condo in Your house

cat trees condosYou probably know that cat trees condos are one of the best all-around toys for cats. But did you know the exact benefits that come from having a good looking cat tree or cat condo in your living room? If you don’t… well then you have to read this article to find out more!

First we’ll do a quick overview of what exactly a cat tree or a condo is and then we’ll list all the benefits that you too can experience if you get a cat tree or condo in your house. And your cats will love it too!

What are cat trees & condos?

The terms cat tree and cat condo are generally used interchangeable. However, there actually are some differences. For instance, a cat tree doesn’t have to include a little covered house for your cat. So if you just want a little tree that your cats can use to claw on – then getting just a cat tree is often sufficient.

The condo however is usually larger. It can combine a cat tree with a little place where your cat can crawl in and where he can comfortably lay down and fall asleep. So the main difference is that cat condos are usually a bit larger than cat trees.

5 benefits of cat trees & condos

#1 Cat trees condos: All-inclusive cat toys

The main reason why cat trees and condos are so popular is because they offer everything a cat really needs. You see, virtually every cat tree has the following included:

  • Scratch posts – so your cat can take care of his claws.
  • Little hanging toys – these are great so your cat can hit them and simulate the real hunting experience that is still in his instinct
  • Comfortable place to sleep on – with a good cat condo there will always be a place where your cat can easily crawl in and sleep comfortably.
  • A place to jump on – cats love to jump. And they can do so to their hearts lust with a cat tree condo.

So as you can see getting a good cat tree or cat condo is really a place where your cat can do anything that he likes to do!

#2 Cat trees condos: Saves your furniture from being clawed

If you have cats in house then you’re probably familiar with finding your (expensive) furniture clawed at. Cats are wild animals at heart and it can be very tough to completely domesticate them. And one of their wild behaviours that it very difficult to unlearnt hem is that they want (or better said – NEED) to claw at something.

This is necessary for their claw health and because their instincts guide them to do this. All is good of course if they wouldn’t be clawing at your furniture or your curtains! The best way to *unlearn* them to do this is to give them a better alternative. That’s why it’s a great idea to get a cat tree. They virtually always include a good place for your cat to scratch at. The scratching material is most sisal rope – the reason for this is because this is the material that cats really love to scratch. So they’ll prefer your new cat tree over your new couch!

#3 Cat trees condos: Your cats won’t be bored when you’re not at home

This ties into the previous points. If you’re away all day (work, travel, hobbies) and your cat is inside, then there’s a big chance they’ll get bored. Cats (especially domestic ones) like attention and need to do something to release their energy.

The best way to make sure they’re not bored and won’t ruin everything on the window sill is to give them something better do to. And as you read in benefit 1: your cats won’t be bored when you get them a cat tree or cat condo!

#4 Cat trees condos: Your cat will feel better & healthier

If your cat has something to do all day and can claw to his heart’s desire than he will feel better. And if your cat feels better he will be healthier too. Having a cat inside your house is a somewhat unnatural situation for him and the best way to make sure he can release his instincts is to get him something he can play with, jump on and scratch.

Which is exactly what cat trees provide him 😉

cat condo tree
Your cat will feel better and healthier

#5 Cat trees condos: It’s fun to look at (and your guests will think so too!)

The final benefit of having a cat tree in house is the sheer fun that it can bring you to watch your little cats run around and climb and play and jump and scratch all over the place. Especially if you have more than 1 cat it can be an absolute pleasure to just sit in your favourite chair after work and relax and see how much fun your cats are having.

And I assure you that your guests will love it too. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a couple of cats run around and play and having fun? Exactly!

Recommended cat trees and condos:

There are many different cat trees and condos available. So it can be pretty tough to decide which one is the right one for you (and your cat). To make deciding a bit easier we have a couple of top-rated cat trees and condos here;

  • Go Pet Club Cat Treethis is a luxury cat tree that will ensure that your cats won’t be bored. It includes many toys and different platforms so they can play on it all day. And when they get tired afterwards they can safely retreat into one of the comfortable cat condos.
  • Kitty City this is a completely different type of cat tree. You see, it’s more like a Lego cat tree. You can create any possible combination you want so that you build the best cat tree that perfectly suits your cat’s personality!



The Kitty Tube: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer & Safe from Predators

the kitty tubeMany people love to have cats, but want them to stay outside overnight. This could be for a variety of reasons. For instance because they want their cats to stay in tune with their nature, or they don’t like all the hairs (and smell sometimes) that comes with having a cat inside. But for many cat owners there are a couple of concerns: 1) what about extreme cold weather? 2) How will my cat survive the hot summers? 3) There are predators around (dogs or coyotes) – how can my cats sleep safe? If any of these things concern you, then the Kitty Tube might just be the best gift you can ever give your cat!

The Kitty tube is a cat shelter made specially to make sure your cats can sleep safe outside. Whether it’s a cold winter night, a hot summer day or if there are predators around – the Kitty Tube will make sure that your cat can sleep safely and comfortably.

Now, before we dive into the specifics of the Kitty Tube, let’s quickly discuss the company behind it & why they made this amazing cat shelter.

kitty tube reviews
The Kitty Tube will guard your cat from the weather and predators and is also very comfortable.

About Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is an invention of Jim Bradac, an inventor, father and proud cat owner. Because his wife is allergic to cats inside, unfortunately he only could keep his cats outside. One day his daughter came up to him and asked him if he could do something ‘to make sure that they have someplace warm to stay outside’.

Jim buckled down and after 2 years of designing and retweaking he came up with the Kitty Tube. It became an immediate success during Christmas 2011 and since then it has become the #1 outdoor cat shelter on Amazon.

But that’s enough about how the Kitty Tube came to be… let’s dive into the specifications of this magnificent cat house!

The Kitty Tube specifications

Since the first version in 2011, there have been a couple of improvements to the Kitty Tube. So far the newest version is the third generation Kitty Tube. Here are its specifications:

  • Safe outdoor cat shelter – the door is small and predators cannot fit through so your cat can sleep safe.
  • Isolation – the Kitty tube is fully isolated and will ensure that your cat can sleep warm in winter and cool in summer. Also keeps wind out.
  • Removable top – you can take the top off with the handles so you can easily clean the Kitty Tube.
  • Comfortable cat bed – the Kitty Tube comes with a comfortable cat bed.
  • Moisture resistant surface – the indoor surfaces are moisture resistant, which means that the interior won’t harbour mold, mildew, bacteria or cat spray/urine.
  • Air-ventilated – a small hole in the back ensures that the Kitty Tube is well-ventilated and ensures optimal comfort for your cat.
  • Made from fully recycled materials – it’s fully made from post-consumer recycled content, so you will help the environment when you purchase this outdoor cat shelter.
  • Dimensions – the Tube is 24 x 24 x 23 inches and weighs 18.9 pounds.

Note: for the complete specifications and price, please go to this page for more information.

kitty tube review
Here’s a close up of the Kitty Tube

Two types of cat owners who’ll love the kitty tube

  • Cat owners who are often away so their cat(s) have to stay outside – if you are often travelling or away for work it can be a good idea to leave your cat outside. He can catch his own food and you won’t have to worry that he breaks anything in the house. With the Kitty Tube you won’t have to worry about the safety of your cat.
  • Cat owners who live in more extreme climates – if winters are cold where you live (and summers extremely warm), then you need a fully-isolated cat outdoor cat shelter so your cat can sleep comfortably at night. The Kitty Tube provides exactly this – protection from harsh outdoor circumstances.

5 benefits of The Kitty Tube

#1 A weather-protected outside cat shelter

This is the main benefit of the Kitty Tube. It’s a weather-resistant shelter that ensures that your cat can sleep safe and comfortably in any weather. The isolation makes sure that it stays warm during the winter and keeps the heat out during summer.

It’s also wind-resistant so your cat can sleep protected from the wind.

#2 Comfortable interior and moisture resistant

The Tube is very comfortable to sleep in. The inner surfaces are all made from moisture resistant material. This ensures that it will stay safe from mold, mildew, bacteria and urine. So your cat can sleep in a safe and comfortable place.

buy kitty tube
Here’s a picture of the inside. Comfortable, right?

#3 Keeps you cat safe from predators

The door is just big enough so that a large cat can fit through. This means that predators will be unable to enter. You can sleep safe at night knowing that there won’t be any large dog or coyote that can touch your cat.

In addition to the fact that the Tube itself is very strong, so predators will be unable to destroy it. It’s extremely durable and is guaranteed for life never to crack, chip or fade.

#4 Includes a washable cat bed

You can take of the top part of the Tube with the easy handles to clean the interior. on top of that, the Kitty Tube comes included with a comfortable cat bed – which is fully washable. So you can easily take it out and clean it in the washing machine. So your cat can sleep in a nice and clean bed at night.

#5 Up to 3 cats can safely sleep in the Kitty Tube

The shelter is large enough to house 3 cats. This means that all your cats can sleep together and hold each other company at night. It’s a safe and secure haven for all your cats. It can also be used as a good place for your cat to give birth.

The kitty tube review

“I have 2 cats that I unfortunately cannot keep inside the house as I am away often for work. I live in Canada so it can get very cold at night. Luckily the Kitty Tube does exactly what it promises and my cats can now sleep warm during the winters. I am very happy with my purchase and can recommend it to anyone looking for a good outdoor cat shelter.”

– Greg


“Great cat shelter. My cat absolutely loves sleeping in it and it took him only 2 nights to figure out. Easy to clean too, just take of the top and clean it.””

– Ann

Where to buy the Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is available from Amazon. You probably already have an account there so you’ll know that you can safely purchase there. So if you too want to make sure your cat stays safe at night, warm in winter and cool in summer then…

… click here to order the Kitty Tube & ensure your cat will sleep safe and comfortable!

buy the kitty tube


P.S. did you know that you can get the Kitty Tube with a small heater pad for if the temperatures really drop? Click here to check out the Kitty Tube with a SAFE low voltage heater!

Top 10 Cat Food Brands: These 10 Brands Make Each Cat Happy & Active

top 10 cat food brandsIf you have a cat at home you of course only want the best for your little feline friend. And one of the most important things to give your cat is good nutrition. This will ensure that your cat stays healthy, strong, vital and happy throughout his long life. And remember: a happy cat is a happy you! So that’s why we’ll be discussing the top 10 cat food brands today.

For each brand I have included a link to their most popular flavor. So please take a look and see which of the following top 10 cat food brand you (and your cat!) will enjoy!


Top 10 cat food brands

#1 Meow Mix

Meow Mix is a great choice because it offers a 100 process balanced and complete nutrition so your cat can be as healthy and strong as you want him to be. Available in packages ranging from 3 to 18 pounds.

#2 Purina

Purina ONE is a high quality cat food that offers more than 42 grams of protein per cup. So you’ll know for sure that your cat gets all the building blocks to live a happy long cat life! Recommended by veterinarians and helps to prevent plaque build-up and whitens teeth.

#3 Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast is a sub brand of Purina but we’ve added it here in our top 10 cat food brands list because it’s a great cat food! Made from chicken turkey and beef so that your cat will love its taste. Has extra gravy for an even better taste!

#4 Whole Paws

Whole paws offers your cat a complete indoor formula brought to you straight from Whole Foods. So if you care about the source of your cat food, then Whole paws is a great choice for your cat!

#5 Friskies

Friskies is one of those rare cat foods that is really great for both maintaining the health of your grown cats as well as for raising kittens. Because Friskies cat food is made from turkey and chicken for healthy protein and has added minerals as well it’s a great source of wet cat food for your cat – whatever his age may be!

#6 Hill’s science diet

Hill’s Science Diet cat food is great for cats that need a bit of extra attention to their diets. It’s made from all-natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. This will ensure that your cat can easily digest it. So if your cat sometimes experiences problems with digestion, then the Hill’s Science diet cat food is the perfect option for him.

Hills Science Diet cat food makes your cat healthy.

#7 9Lives

9Lives cat food comes in cans and will do wonders for the health of your cat. Just like Friskies, it’s good for your cat whatever his age is. So if you have kittens that you want to grow well, or you have older cats who you want to age gracefully – 9Lives is the cat food recommended for you.

#8 Iams

Iams offers wet cat food in many different tastes so your cat will never get bored. Some of the most popular tastes include: Chicken, sardine, tuna or the seafood variety pack. Whatever your cat prefers, you can get it at Iams cat food.

#9 BLUE Wilderness

Blue Wilderness is grain-free cat food that is great if your cat experiences grain allergies. Many cats unknowingly suffer from this because their bodies have not adapted to eating grains. That’s why we heartily recommend you get a grain-free cat food. If only to find out if your cat’s health improves or if he can easily handle it!

#10 Halo

Halo cat food is also a grain free option that offers many different tastes. One of their most popular variants is the one with salmon – for extra nutrients for your cat. It’s a great option if you value an all-in-one cat food that offers everything your cat needs. Plus you can change easily change tastes without worrying that your cat won’t like it, since their products are made to be interchangeable in every cat’s diet!

Final words on the top 10 cat food brands

As you’ve read through this list of top 10 cat food brands, there are probably a couple of similarities you see between many of the highest quality brands of food for your cat. In order to make everything more clear – I’ve summed everything up what you need to look for if you’re serious about getting high quality nutrition for your cat:

  • Includes high quality sources of protein – when you look for a new cat food, make sure that the protein comes from real animal sources such as chicken or turkey. Some manufacturers put in plant protein but this is simply not sufficient for your cat and can lead to deficiencies later on in life.
  • Preferably grain-free – as we’ve discussed before, your cats stomach was not made to digest grains. Cats only need good meat and that’s it. However, some cheaper manufacturers put in grains to fill up their cat food as it’s cheaper. Do not let this happen to your cat. Although there are cats that do perfectly well with grain their diet, you wouldn’t want to take the risk, right?
  • Suitable for cats of every age – another important factor is that the cat food should be suitable for cats of every age. So when you have both kittens, the mother and maybe some other cats walking around, they can all eat from the same can and you won’t have to worry and micromanage that each cat gets the right type of food for him.

Where to get your top 10 cat food brands?

As you’ve probably noticed I have included a link from each cat food brand to one of their most popular tastes. You can easily order it Amazon since Amazon offers a wide variety of different types of cat foods. On top that, you can also easily navigate to other flavors of each brand.

I hope this article will give you lots of new ideas which cat food brands will be good for your cat. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!



P.S. looking for a complete overview of other top selling cat food brands? Click here to browseAmazon’s best selling cat foods

Hagen CatIt Smartsift Litter Box: Automatically Cleans Your Cat’s Litter

hagen catit smartsift litter boxHave you ever wondered how nice it would be if you would have an automated cat litter box? So you wouldn’t have to manually put new cat litter in, remove the waste and deal with the nasty smells? And did you know that there is a solution to all these problems? That is exactly why today we’ll be discussing the Hagen Catit Smartsift litter box. It’s a fully automated litter box that takes the chore out of the litter box. On top of that it includes a carbon pad to deal with all the smells.

So if you have one or more cats at home and you are tired of cleaning your litter box all the time, then getting the Hagen Catit Smartsift litter box might literally be one of the best cat-related decisions you’ll ever make!

About CatIt

Catit is an American company that produces all sorts of cat product. They even have a small magazine in which they discuss everything cat related! You can find everything in their assortment from cat toys to cat food to yes, litter boxes!

They care a lot about cats and want that your cats will feel great as well while using all their products. That’s why they’ve made all of them to be cat-friendly and easy to use. You won’t regret using Catit products!

hagen catit smartsift litter box review
One pull of the lever and your litter box gets cleaned

Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter Box specifications

If you’re curious to all the features of the Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter box – here are its specifications:

  • Automated litter removal – with the new technology used in the litter box you can easily remove all the litter by pulling the lever.
  • Dimensions – the overall dimensions of the litter box are 26 x 19 x 25 inches. It weighs 18.5 pounds.
  • Charcoal pad – in the litter box a charcoal pad is included to combat the smell.
  • Max cat litter – the maximum amount of cat litter the litter box can handle before cleaning is 11 pounds, so be sure to clean it at least once every 2 weeks (depending on how many cats you have!)
  • Eco friendly – the system is manual so you won’t have to worry about any machine part overheating or becoming dangerous to your cat.

Note: for a complete list of all specifications and other information (such as price, internal dimensions of each part etc.) please refer to this Amazon page.

hagen catit litter box reviews
A closeup of the Hagen CatIt Smartsift litter box

Two types of cat owners who’ll love the Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter box

  • Cat owners who don’t like to clean their cat litter box – if you don’t like cleaning your cats litter box, then you’ll love this automated litter box. All you have to do is pull the lever once a day and remove the waste linen once a week. And that’s it!
  • Cat owners who want an easy way to deal with the smell of cat litter – if you do not like the smell of your old cat litter box, then getting the Hagen Catit Smartsift litter box will help you out. The Activated charcoal pad will ensure that all the smells of your cat’s waste will be absorbed and not bother you at all.

5 benefits of the Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter Box

#1 Automatic litter maintenance – so you don’t have to

This is the main benefit of getting this litter box. The system is made in such a way that all you have to do is pull the lever once every day and remove the linen once a week. That’s it. On top of that the innovative system inside the box ensures that you can use the litter for a long time. That’s because when you pull the lever a smart filter filters the waste from the litter.

The waste gets dumped in linen and the cat litter is put back in the box! So you won’t have to buy new cat litter every couple of weeks. So it saves you a lot of time cleaning and is also good for your wallet.

#2 Scoops cat litter for you without one pull of the lever

As we discussed before it’s very easy to use. Your cat will quickly find it to be one of the more comfortable places to go when he needs to.

Note: this page describes a detailed step-by-step guide to get your cat to use the Hagen Catit Smartsift litter box.

Then, once a day all you have to do is pull the lever once to ensure that the cat litter will be separated from the waste. And that’s it!

#3 No motorized pieces – safe for your cat

Some people are a bit wary of automated litter boxes. After all, you wouldn’t want your cat to go inside some mechanical toilet, right? What if something gets overheated or anything else goes wrong? Exactly, and that’s why Catit choose to make their litter box a manual system.

This means that there are no electrical, mechanical or any motorized parts in the box. So your cat can safely use it and you won’t have to worry about his or her safety!

#4 Suitable for cats all sizes

Another benefit is that the litter box is suitable for cats of all sizes. So whether you have little kittens or a large cat that you adopted from the street – they can all use the Hagen Catit Smartsift litter box without any problem whatsoever.

hagen litter box
Even large cats can use the Hagen Catit Box!

#5 Remove the filled linen without touching your cat’s waste

The final benefit is that you won’t have to touch your cat’s waste anymore. You won’t have to scoop it up and you won’t even have to smell it! All you have to do is take the linen out, wrap it and throw it away.

Dealing with your cats waste has never been easier!

Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter Box review

“I got the Catit litter box 2 months ago. First my cats had to get used to it, but with the simple steps described in the manual it was no problem at all. I love the easiness and cleanliness of this one and I absolutely recommend it”

– Hillary

“Doesn’t smell, works as described and my cats love it. Very happy with my purchase.”

– Paul

Where to get the Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter box

If you too want to enjoy the easiness and comfortably of this automated cat litter box…

… then click here to order the Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter box & stop worrying about cleaning your cat’s litter!

buy hagen catit smartsift litter box


P.S. the Smartsift is the absolute best automated cat litter box on the market. Click here to find out more how to order it.

Cat Condo Furniture: The 5 Benefits Of Having Cat Furniture in Your Home

cat condo furnitureLooking for cat condo furniture? Then you’re at the right page! There are many benefits to having nice cat condo furniture in your house and one of them is that it keeps your cat healthy and happy. And as we all know a happy cat means a happy you.

But let’s get a little more serious. If you’re here on this page you’re probably curious what types of cat condo furniture there are. And the chance is also very likely that you want to get to some (more) benefits of having a cat tree or condo in your house.

Well, especially if you have an indoor cat. E.g. a cat who rarely (if ever) leaves the house, then making sure he gets enough play and exercise is of vital importance for your cat. You can make sure he doesn’t get overweight, keeps his muscles and claws in good shape. But he will also feel better if he can jump around on cat furniture and he’ll simply feel more like a kitty in the wild would feel.

So let’s dive into the first section of our cat condo furniture article and find out what types there are…

Looking for cat condo furniture?

When you think of cat furniture, most people get an image of a cat tree. After all, everybody has seen them around at the place of a fellow cat owner who keeps his cat in the house and has given him this to make sure he stays active. It’s usually a larger cat furniture and includes many extras such as scratching poles, toys and most of the time also some places where your cat can comfortably lie down.

After that, we also of course have the regular scratching poles. They can also be considered cat furniture and it’s highly recommended to have on in your home. It will keep your cat’s muscles in balance, his nails in good shape and your own expensive furniture untouched! On top of that they’re pretty inexpensive, you can already get a good one on the internet for twenty five dollars. If you’re looking for a good affordable cat scratching pole, take a look here and see if you like one.

buy cat furniture
Most cat furniture comes with a scratching post to keep your cat’s nails in good shape.

But let’s continue with cat furniture. Here are the 5 benefits of having cat furniture in your house…

Why cat condo furniture? 5 benefits of having a cat tree condo in your home

#1 Great for cats of all ages

Whether you have a couple of kitties at home, an adult cat or an older cat – having cat furniture in your house will allow each of them to play to their hearts content. While the young cats scratch the posts and play around with the hanging toys, the older cats can chill on the comfortable fur and take a little nap.

So if you have cats at home from different generation, or you want to keep the cat furniture for a long period of time. It’s great investment for the health of your cats!

#2 perfect combination between play and rest

As we said before, the cats can both play and rest in a good cat condo furniture. That is the main reason why people buy them: to make sure their cats can play during the day whenever they’re not home to keep them entertained. And if they get tired they can easily lie down on the comfortable fur.

#3 It’s fun to watch

If you’re anything like me you can stare for hours at what your cat is doing. It’s great how he seems to make up his mind to do specific things and even something as simple as jumping around the house or staring at a fly can be mesmerizing to look at.

With a cat tree or condo this gets even better. It’s a great pleasure seeing your cats behave again like kittens or young cats and seeing them run around and play. And it’s also a very good idea to place your cat tree in our living room so when you have guests over everyone can enjoy and watch how your cats are having a great time!

best cat furniture
Watching my cat play always makes me happy!

#4 keeps your cat healthy

A cat tree engages the muscles of your cats. He jumps around and scratches his nails. This keeps his body in shape. But he can also play and feel like a young kitten again. This is good for his mental health. He also won’t be bored and will always have something fun to do!

#5 It’s a stylish addition to your house

This ties in a bit to point number 3. Having a cat condo furniture in your house will make it look more stylish. After all, not many people have it in their own home. It’s a playful addition to your home and will sure get you compliments from family and friends who come and visit you!

Recommended cat condo furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a more traditional cat condo furniture then Go Pet Club is one of the first that comes to mind. They create large (but also smaller) cat trees and condos that will give your cats the time of their life. Made from high quality materials they can also handle large cats or many at the same time.

Read my full Go Pet Club Cat Tree review here to find out more what this amazing cat tree has to offer your cat.

Kitty Town

Kitty Town can be best described as a combination between cat furniture and Lego. The reason for that is because you can create your own cat furniture with Kitty Town. All the pieces can be attached to each other and you can change it so that you have your own custom built cat tree.

And if your cat doesn’t enjoy a specific part – you can just modify it! For more information, read my comprehensive Kitty Town cat furniture review here.



P.S. Cat trees can be great for your cats health and it’s fun to watch too! I especially like Kitty City – find out more about it here!

Kitty City Review: “It’s Like Lego and a Cat Tree All in One!”

kitty cityIf you’re looking for great cat furniture that is both affordable and something your cat will actually play with – then you simply have to read this Kitty City review! It’s a great new concept on the regular cat tower and condos, and a lot cheaper at it as well. The best way to describe it would be as a Lego playground for cats. However, you have to assemble everything yourself, which only adds to the fun if you ask me! 

You can read this entire Kitty City review to find out if it’s something for you and your cat. But before we dive into the cat furniture, let’s first quickly discuss the company behind Kitty City cat furniture.

Cat furniture by Kitty City review

Kitty City is a USA company that creates unique products for cats. Their most popular products are the customisable cat towers that you can create and personalize yourself.  This unique approach to making cat towers has already sold more than 1,000,000 Kitty City products and each day more and more cat owners start discovering the possibilities that Kitty City cat furniture has to offer you.

kitty city review
Your cats will love to play on Kitty City furniture!

The great thing about all the is that it can be suited to each cat’s personality. Unlike regular *non-modifiable* cat towers, if there’s something you don’t really like. Or your cat doesn’t enjoy – you can just change it and rebuild your tower!

Kitty City cat furniture specifications

The most popular cat tower is the Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture.  Here are its specifications:

  • Ball toys – includes several ball toys with which your cats can play.
  • Soft fleece – all the little beds are made from soft fleece so your cat can comfortably lie and sleep on it.
  • Scratch posts – you can add several scratch posts onto the pipes.
  • Joints – the joints are made from ABS to ensure optimal stability for the cat furniture

Note: for a complete overview of all the specifications of this Kitty City cat furniture, available colors and prices please go to this page to find out more.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love Kitty City

  • Cat owners who want an affordable cat tower that is a lot of fun for your cats – because of the nature of the furniture, it is a lot cheaper than cat towers that are made from a solid type of material. But your cats will love it just as much (if not more!).
  • Cat owners who like to be creative – if you’ve loved to play with Lego when you were young, you’re absolutely going to love the Kitty City cat towers, as you can continuously change and optimize it to your own (or your cats) needs!

5 benefits of Kitty City cat furniture

#1 All-inclusive play for your cat

The Kitty City cat towers contain everything your cat needs. From toys they can play with, to sift beds that they can sleep on. Heck, there are even a couple of scratching posts so they can keep their little claws in top shape. The Kitty City towers offer an all-inclusive play & rest place for your cats

#2 Stable and very strong

Some people look at the Kitty City towers and ask if they are strong enough for a big cat to play on. The answer is yes! Because of the materials used in the rods and the connecting joints, the towers can handle larger cats (15-20 pounds) and you won’t have to worry about anything happening.

If you’re still a bit worried, I’d recommend you place it in a corner, so it has extra support from the walls. But, this is not necessary.

kitty city reviews
Kitty City review – Here are all the reasons why your cat will love Kitty City

#3 Suitable for multiple cats

Another benefit is that you can have multiple cats playing on it. So if you have more than one little kitty walking around in your home, then you can safely order the Kitty City tower, as it can have up to 4 or 5 cats on it. It depends on the sizes of your cats but since the tower is very stable it won’t be a problem to have several larger cats playing on it.

#4 Cheaper than regular cat furniture

If all the previous weren’t enough for you to really grasp why this cat tower is different from all the others, then this might convince you: these towers are actually cheaper than most other ones. This is because they’re not made from solid material. So on top of being more fun – they’re also more affordable!

#5 Create your own cat tower!

And last but not least is of course that you can create your own cat tower. Who doesn’t love to be creative when it comes to making a good play tower for your cats. And if you own other Kitty City products, then you can also combine them to make one big fur palace for your little friends! I guarantee you your cats will absolutely love it. And you too!

Kitty City review

“I recently bought a new one since my old Kitty City tower started to become a bit old (it was 7 years old). As my cats always really liked playing on it I decided to get a bigger one. The added benefit of having the old one is that I could still use some of the pieces that were still good to make the tower even bigger! My cats love it even more.”

– Jane


“Kitty City does a great job making good cat furniture that really gives cats what they want. Mine are playing on it all day and when they get tired, they can even sleep on it. It’s especially perfect as I’m working most of the time so they have something fun to do when I’m not around to look after them”

– Marc

kitty city tower
It makes for the perfect holiday gift for your cat!

Where to get Kitty City cat furniture

If you’re curious what the best place is to buy the Kitty City cat tower, then I recommend you go to Amazon. You can simply order it from there page and check out some more extra’s that will come in hand. Such as extra tower parts!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to order the Kitty City cat tower & start building your own cat furniture that your cats will love!

buy kitty city



P.S. Enjoyed this Kitty City review? Kitty City is one of the most popular cat towers in the USA. It’s both fun for you and for your cat. Click here to order Kitty City!

Fromm Cat Food: These 3 Tasty Flavors Will Improve Your Cat’s Health

fromm cat foodIf you’re looking for high quality cat food, then you’ve probably heard of Fromm cat food. It’s a brand that offers your cat tasty and nutritious food that will make sure that your cat can live well and have all the energy that he needs in his busy cat life!

Note: in this Fromm cat food review we’ll be discussing the company behind the food, Fromm. We also briefly talk about 2 types of cat owners who’ll love to give their cat Fromm cat food. After that you can find the 5 benefits of giving your cat this nutritious food and we’ll end off with the best place where you can buy Fromm cat food.

So, let’s not wait any longer and dive into it!

About Fromm

Fromm is a company that specializes in high quality products for pets. They’re a family business that makes nutritious foods for both cats and dogs. All their pet foods are made in small batches to ensure high quality, fresh taste and optimal nutrients.

Fromm cat food specifications

There are many different types of tastes of Fromm cat food, but the most popular ones are:

  • Salmon tunachovy – includes salmon, tuna, anchovy and fresh Mediterranean garden vegetables.
  • Chicken a la veg – a specially prepared blend of lean chicken, grains, and fine produce
  • Gamebird – Prepared With Duck, Turkey, Quail, and Pheasant.

Note: for a complete overview of each of the specifications of each taste. Please click on the specified links at the end of this article for each taste.

fromm cat food review
Salmon Tunavechy is grain-free and great for the health of your cat

Two types of cat owners who’ll love to feed their cats Fromm cat food

  • Cat owners who care about the health of their cats and only want to give them high quality cat food – if you want your cat to only eat the best food it can get (alternative to catching his food himself) then Fromm cat food is exactly what you need.
  • Cat owners who want many different tastes of food for their cats that are interchangeable – you can change the taste of the cat food without any problems whatsoever. Each taste is made so that your cat will enjoy virtually all of them so he won’t ignore it.

5 benefits of Fromm cat food

#1 High quality cat food

All the Fromm cat food is made from meat that is of the same quality for humans. Some other brands only use so called ‘trash’ meat that is from the parts that humans don’t eat. Or if there’s something wrong with the meat and it’s not suitable for human consumption.

Not with Fromm cat food. All the meat is from high quality sources and the vegetables are also from fresh produce. On top of that it’s made in small batches so you can expect higher quality than factory made cat food from other cat food brands

#2 Contains all the nutrients a cat need

Every taste and ingredients are composed in such a way that it contains all the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to live a healthy good life. This means that you can easily feed him Fromm cat food without needing any other food whatsoever. This comes in very handy if you want to be sure that your cat gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

buy fromm cat food
Chicken a la Veg is good if you want your cat to be healthy and active!

#3 You can pick a grain-free variant

If you’ve found that your cat doesn’t do too well eating grains, then you don’t have to worry. Because some cats simply do better without grains in their diet, Fromm has also many tastes that are complete grain free. So if your cat doesn’t like grains, you can still give him optimally nutritious food that contains everything he needs.

#4 Suitable for cats all ages

Some cat foods are only for kitten, while others are for elderly cats. This can be a good thing, since cats from different ages have different needs. However, Fromm cat food was designed in such a way that it contain plenty of all the minerals and vitamins that cats from all ages need.

So if you have several cats at home, and some are old and some are still kittens, you can safely put Fromm cat food in their food bucket. Knowing that each of them gets all the nutrients that he needs.

#5 Many different tastes that can be alternated

As you’ve found out by now, there are many different tastes of Fromm cat food. Now, you also might have cat that is a bit of a ‘picky eater’. So you might have tried changing cat foods before and that didn’t go too well.

With Fromm cat food you don’t have to worry as each blend is made in such a way that your cat will actually welcome the new taste instead of be wary of it. So no more problems giving your cat a healthy and varied diet!

Fromm cat food reviews

“My cats are getting a bit older and I want to give them everything and all the nutrients that they need. They liked to eat Fromm from the very start. I got them salmon tunachovy but later on also bought them gamebird so they have a bit of variety.”

– Madison


“It’s the first grain-free cat food that my cats like and eat. I’m so happy I found it because one of my cats does not do well with grains and it’s very tough to keep him from eating the food for my other cats!”

– Marly

Best place to order Fromm cat food

Curious what the best place is to order Fromm cat food? Well, I’d recommend you go to Amazon since the cat food is not available everywhere. Choose below which taste will suit your cat best and remember that you can always alternate them!

Click here to order Salmon Tunachovy & give your cat the pleasure of real sea foods!

Click here to order chicken a la veg for a healthy vegetable mix with chicken!

And click here to order gamebird to give your cat a taste of the wild life!



P.S. want to see the complete assortment of cat foods from Fromm? Click here to find out about every single taste that you can give your cat!