Go Pet Club Cat Tree: Ultimate Cat play & Rest Furniture For Your Cat!

Go pet club cat treeIf you have your cats inside the house they won’t only bring you lots of joy in the house. Because virtually every cat has his wild side. What I mean by this is that if you don’t have the right tools in your home your cat could go a little crazy. And the last thing you want is you cat to be bored, hanging on the curtains and scratching all your (expensive) furniture. And that’s exactly where the Go Pet Club cat tree comes into play.

It’s a large (80 inch – 2 meters) high cat tree that ensures your cat will stay busy for hours. It’s a great thing to have at your place if you’re sometimes away for a longer period of time (going to work for example) or if your cats cannot go outside to release their wild side!

But before we dive into the specifics of this cat tree, let’s first shortly discuss the company behind this amazing cat tree: Go Pet Club.

About Go Pet Club

Go pet Club was founded in 2003 and since then has become one of the world leaders in pet products. They are very passionate about giving you the highest quality available pet products and make sure to always have something that will be of great value to either you, or your cat!

Go Pet Club produces all sorts of pet products (not only for cats!) and some of the more popular are the pet crates, pet furniture, pet beds and all sorts of furniture that your cat needs.

They manufacture all their products themselves, which means that they can offer exclusive design for each of them. And each product is also designed to be the perfect combination of style and functionability. So you’ll be sure to get compliments both from other pet owners and a happy meow from your cat!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree specifications

The most popular Go Pet Club cat tree is the beige variant from 80 inches high. Take a look at the picture of the cat tree and read about the specifications here below:

  • Material – the cat tree is made from compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope.
  • Cat size – the tree is suited for medium and large cats.
  • Instruction – everything you need for construction of the tree is included. You’ll also get a step-by-step manual so all you have to do is follow the instructions to build it.
  • Dimensions – 45’’ x 30’’ x 80’’
  • # of hanging rope – 1
  • Amount of hanging toys – 3
  • Number of posts – 3
  • Number of levels – 13

Note: for a complete overview of the size of each level and the complete price, please refer to this page (Amazon) for more information.

Go pet club cat tree review
The Go Pet Club Cat Tree has everything your cat needs!

Two types of cat owners who will love the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

  • Cat owners who are often away for a long day – if you go to work for long periods of time and there’s nobody home to take care of your cat and play with it, the Go Pet Club cat tree will make sure that your cat won’t get bored. You won’t have to worry about him scratching your new furniture or climbing on the curtains.
  • Cat owners who don’t have the possibility to let their cat go outside – if your cat cannot go outside on his own, he needs a place where he can climb, scratch and release all his energy. The Go Pet Club allows him to do all this inside your house. Perfect if you live in an apartment building!

5 benefits of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

#1 Great for cats of any size

If you have a larger cat it can be difficult to find a good cat tree for him as most trees are designed for smaller cats. This can make it pretty difficult if your cat is on the larger size to find a good cat tree for him. Small ones are either too small for your cat to effectively use it – or they are too unstable so it will fall when you cat jumps on it with all the force he has.

Luckily the Go pet Club cat tree is okay for medium and larger cats. It’s  very stable and the ‘door’ to the cat condo is large enough.

#2 Includes hanging mice for your cats to scratch

We both know cats love to play. That’s why the Go pet Club cat tree has 3 hanging mice on different levels. Your cat can scratch it and throw it around to release his natural hunting instincts.

#3 Has a little cat condo for your cat to rest

The next benefit of this cat tree is the little cat condo almost at the top. After your cat has played enough he needs some rest. And to make sure he really can doze off for a bit without anyone interrupting him, he can relax in the cat condo!

#4 Keeps you cat busy for hours

Because it’s a large tower it can keeps your cat busy for hours. There are many places to scratch, a couple of mice to play with and there’s even hanging rope for him to climb and hang on!

You won’t have to worry that your cat will turn to your furniture because he’s bored cause this cat tree offer many hours of cat pleasure!

#5 Fits more than 1 cat!

The last benefit is that more than 1 cat can play in this cat tree! So if you have several cats at home. The Go Pet Club cat tree might be the perfect cat tree to place in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have several large cats or many small ones. Although I do recommend that you place the tree in a corner for optimal stability.

Go pet Club Cat Tree review

“I have two larger cats at home and I work from 9 till 5 so at first one of them (the young one) was going a bit crazy on my new couch. To make sure he would have something to do and could use something that was meant for him to scratch I bought this cat tree. And I do not regret it at all! It’s really impressive and my cats ABSOLUTELY love it!”



“I recently adopted a wild cat from the street but I live in an apartment building. So I got this cat tree to make sure he won’t bore himself . He now can release all his extra energy without ruining anything!”


Where to buy the Go pet Club Cat Tree?

If you too want to make sure your cat doesn’t go bored and ruin your furniture or curtains. You can order the Go Pet Club Cat Tree online. It’s available on many places but I recommend you get it on Amazon. It’s a good place to order cat furniture.

If you want to give your cat the relaxation that he deserves…

… then click here to order the Go Pet Club cat tree & give your cat the relaxation he needs!

buy go pet club cat tree


P.S. did I mention that the faux fur on the cat tree is rated as one of the most comfortable surfaces for your cat to lay on? Don’t miss this amazing offer and buy the Go Pet Club cat tree NOW!

Hills Science Diet Cat Food: Keep Your Cat healthy With This Cat Food

hill science cat foodDo you want your cat to be healthy and fit? If yes, then it is of vital importance that you give your cat healthy and natural cat food. After all, the health of your cat starts with his diet! If you feed him a diet that is rich in animal meat – just like he would if he were hunting on his own – he will feel better and live longer. His quality of life will also be better and he will stay active for a long time! That’s exactly why today we’re discussing the Hills Science diet cat food.

It’s a great option if you care about the health of your cat and want to make sure that he gets the total nutrition that he needs.

So, in today’s article we’ll review Hills Science diet cat food. It’s an all-inclusive option for cats. First we’ll start of by discussing the company behind the cat food: Hill’s Science Diet. Afterwards we’ll talk about the specifications of the cat food and give you all the benefits why this is such a good choice if you want your cat to be healthy and active. In the end you can read some reviews from happy cat owners who feed their cats Hills Science Diet cat food. And if you’re curious for a good place to buy this amazing cat food – you can find where you can order this cat food at the end of this page.

So, let’s not talk any longer – and let’s dive into this Hills Science diet cat food review!

hills science diet cat food
Give your cat the nutrition that he needs!

About Hill’s Science Pet Food

Hill’s science Pet food is a company that wants to enrich the bond that people have with their pets. That’s why they create high quality pet food for cats and dogs. If you want to have a good relationship with your pet – then it is of vital importance that your pet feels healthy. After all, if you don’t feel good, you would also not be able to give all the important people in your life the attention they deserve!

Hill’s Science Pet food produces all the pet food with the highest quality ingredients. On top of that they also value flavour too. Many other healthy cat food brands are also good for the heath of your cat. But if he doesn’t want to eat it because of the taste it would be a waste of money! That’s why you can find all sorts of tasty flavours in the assortment of Hill’s Science Pet Food for your cat.

Hills Science Diet Cat Food specifications

The most popular variant of the Hills Science Diet cat food is Hill’s Science Indoor dry cat food with chicken taste. Here are all its specifications:

  • Bag size – you can order the cat food in the following sizes: 5, 7 and 15.5 pound bags.
  • Cat age – Hills Science diet cat food is available for kittens, adult cats and adult 7+.
  • Money back guarantee – unlike many other cat food brands you can actually try out Hills Science for 14 days. If your cat doesn’t enjoy it – no problem, you can simply return the (remaining) bag and you’ll get your money back. So there’s no risk involved at all!

Two types of cat owners who’ll love to give their cat Hill Science Diet cat food

  • Cat owners who want their cat(s) to get all the nutrition they need – Hills Science Diet cat food contains protein from natural meat and added vitamins and minerals. So you can be sure that your cat gets the exact nutrients that he needs to live an optimal cat life!
  • Cat owners who have picky cats and want to try out the food before they buy – as we discussed before, you can try out the cat food for 14 days to see if your cat like it or not. This way you’ll find out exactly how your cat responds and if he doesn’t like it. You can get your money back.

hills science cat food healthy

5 benefits of Hills Science Diet cat food

#1 Contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your cat needs

The main thing every good cat food should have is the right nutrition. With the added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you’re sure that your cat gets all the right nutrients that he needs. Some of the added vitamins:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • And Vitamin A

Note: for a complete list of all the ingredients, please go to this page to find out more.

#2 Great for digestion

Some cats do not do well with a standard cat food. They do not digest it in the right way and it will make their stomach upset. If this is the case for your cat you need a cat food that will digest well and goes together with his stomach and not against it.

Hills Science diet cat food is made in such a way that even cats that experience stomach problems can easily digest the cat food.

hills science diet cat food review

#3 No added conservatives

Just like you and me, your cat also doesn’t need conservatives in his diet. They are only used by cheap cat foods that want to increase the shelf life of their products. But it comes at a cost to your cat’s health. Hills Science does not use conservatives and you can sleep safe knowing that your cat eats healthy.

#4 Multiple varieties

If you like to give your cat some variation in his diet, then you can choose between several different variant of Hills Science Diet cat food. Chicken, meat or fish – or a more vegetable blend. The great thing is that if your cat likes one of them, the chances are very high that he will enjoy all the tastes!

#5 Protein from high quality natural sources

The protein in the cat food comes from real chicken, lamb or salmon. So your cat will get the same nutrients as if he were to be hunting in the wild. This will ensure that the muscles in your cat will stay strong and that he will be able to stay active for a long period in his life.

Hills Science Diet cat food reviews

“My cat was gaining eight on some other cat food. I decided I wanted him to be healthy and active so I bought him hills Science. He really loves it and he even lost some weight!”

– Cindy


“Not a big fan of giving my cat special diet food but he was throwing up all the time so I had to do something. Hills Science diet cat food solved his problems and now he’s a happy cat again. I’m also very glad I don’t have to clean up anymore.”

– Jack

Where to get Hills Science diet cat food?

If you’re curious what the best place is to find Hills Science Diet cat food for a good price, then I recommend Amazon. It’s a great place to get quality cat food.

So what are you waiting for? Choose for the health of your cat(s) and…

… click here to order Hills Science Diet cat food & give your cat the health and energy he wants!

buy hills science diet cat food



P.S. remember the 14 day money-back guarantee? You have nothing to lose by letting your cat try out this cat food. Click here to find out more about the money back guarantee!

Halo Cat Food: Healthy for Your Cat + 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

halo cat foodDo you want the absolute best for your cat(s)? If you’re anything like me or other cat owners, then you want your cat to be as healthy and active as possible. And the main way to achieve this is by getting him healthy cat food. Unfortunately many cat food brands do not offer your cat what he needs. They often use bad quality processed meats and offer a ‘meat meal’ which is nothing like the real meat that your cat needs! But luckily there is Halo cat food, which is made only from WHOLE meats so you can be sure that your cat will get all the crucial vitamins and nutrients that he needs.

Note: in this Halo cat food review we’ll go over a couple of things. First we’ll discuss the company behind halo cat food and their philosophy on cat nutrition. Then we’ll find out what types of cat owners will love to feed their pets this food. We’ll also discuss the specifications and benefits of Halo cat food and end off with a recommendation where you can buy Halo cat food for the best price.

Halo cat food by Spots Stew

The story of Halo started several years ago when the future founder‘s cat was very ill. He had digestive, skin and odor problems that simply wouldn’t go away – even with the help of a specialized vet.

All the miracle cat foods that seemed to offer relief didn’t do what they promised to do. Instead of giving up, the founder then decided to find out what his cat really needed to be healthy. Together with the help of a professional chef they found out the surprisingly easy answer and set out to help thousands of other cat owners.

The answer?

Real meat.

Sound simple, but too many other cat food brands use processed meats that would never qualify for human consumption. So why would you feed it to your cat? Exactly.

Now, let’s dive into the other specifications of the Halo cat food.

Halo cat food specifications

The most popular Halo cat food available on the market is Halo Holistic Cat food. Here are its specifications:

  • Made from high quality meats – instead of offering your cat a ‘meat meal’, you get real meat just like your cat would hunt in the real world.
  • Size – halo cat food is available in 3 or 5.5 pound packages.
  • Added vitamins and minerals – take a look at the picture below to see all the extra nutrients that your cat will get when eating Halo cat food
halo cat food review
Halo Cat Food is great for your cat’s health!

Note: for a complete overview of all the specifics and price per taste/package of Halo cat food, please go to this Amazon page for more information.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love to feed their cat Halo cat food

  • Cat owners who are tired of buying low quality processed meat for their cats – if you care about the health and vitality of your cat, then it is very important to buy your cat WHOLE and real meat.
  • Cat owners who have tried all sorts of cat food to heal ailments of their cats but other food doesn’t seem to work – if your cat is suffering from health problems, it is absolutely necessary that he gets real meat with added vitamins and minerals so his body has all the nutrition it needs to make sure your cat becomes healthy again.

5 benefits of Halo cat food

#1 Includes all the vital nutrients for your cat

Because Halo cat food is made from real meat it already includes all the necessary vitamins and nutrients your cat needs. Cats were made to live only on meat and that’s why Halo cat food includes real meat so your cat can live the active happy cat life that he wants live.

halo wet cat food
Here are all the ingredients and added vitamins and minerals in Halo cat food

#2 Grain free

Many other cheap brands add grains to their cat food. Why? Cause its cheaper to add grain for volume than meat. Unfortunately, cats weren’t made to digest grains. So this can cause a lot of problems for your little friends.

Now, some cats may do all right with a grain based cat food, but then again. Would you want to take the risk? Probably not. That’s why halo cat food is grain-free and good for the digestion of your cat.

#3 Added taurine support healthy eyes and heart

Studies have been done and found that taurine is good for the eye and heart health of your cat. And that is the exact reason why it is included in Halo cat food. An extra benefit for those cats who need a bit of extra care for their health.

#4 No artificial flavours and non-GMO vegetables

Another great thing is that there are no artificial flavours added nor are GMO vegetables used. This means that Halo cat food is very safe for your cat and he can eat it to his heart’s content! And you won’t have to worry about health damaging compounds in his cat food.

#5 Available in 5 extremely tasty interchangeable variants

The final benefit is that Halo cat food is available in many different interchangeable tastes.SO you can give your cat something new every couple of weeks. And don’t worry; if your cat eats one type of Halo cat food, chances are very high he will eat the other variants too. Here they are:

  • Chicken Shrimp & Crab
  • Succulent Salmon
  • Wholesome Chicken
  • Whole Chicken & Beef
  • Wholesome Lamb

So you’re guaranteed there’s a tasty variant that your cat will absolutely love!

Halo cat food reviews

“I could see that my cat was getting older but I didn’t know that he could still be so active just by getting him REAL cat food. Instead of low quality food he now only eats halo and I can just tell that he feels a lot better than before!”

– Marc


“I have 3 cats and I only want the best for them. I really love them and that’s why I always feed them Halo. They love it and wouldn’t eat any other food anymore!”

– Mary-anne

Where to get Halo cat food for a good price?

If you too want to give your cat nothing but the best, then I highly recommend you get some Halo cat food. The best place to order it is on Amazon. They have a large variety of tastes. Plus you’re probably familiar and already have an account with Amazon – so you’ll know that your payment details are safe.

On top of that, you get a 14 day trial so even if your cat doesn’t like Halo cat food – you get your money back!

So what are you waiting for…

… click here to order Halo cat food & give your cat what he deserves!

buy halo cat food


P.S. about that money back guarantee… order Halo and give it to your cat for 14 days. If he doesn’t like it, you can get your money back. Click here to find out more about their money-back guarantee!

Cardboard Cat Houses: Save Your Furniture With the Petfusion CatScratch

petfusion cat scratcherTired of getting your furniture ruined by your cats? Cats are natural scratchers and love to play around and sink their nails into anything – so good luck trying to keep your cat from scratching all the things he’s not supposed to. But there is a solution… did you know that cats love to scratch cardboard more than anything else? That’s why getting one of the best cardboard cat houses will do more for your furniture than anything else combined!

In this article we’ll be discussing one of the bestselling cardboard cat houses all over the world: the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher. After you’ve read this article you’ll know exactly how to keep your cat from scratching your new (expansive) furniture and how to keep him happy at the same time.

Curious? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this amazing cat scratcher that will make you (and your cat) happy!

cardboard cat houses
The Petfusion Cat Scratcher is great to keep your cat away from your furniture!

Cardboard cat houses – the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher

Petfusion is a company that understands cats. That’s why all their products are custom made for cats who love to play scratch and jump around! And to be honest… what cat doesn’t love to? 😉 On top of that, they inject a good dose of stylish design, smart functionality and affordable pricing into their bestseller: The Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher.

It’s like one of these cardboard cat houses that you sometimes see at friends’ houses. Only better. And more stylish. So continue reading for all the specifications of this cardboard cat scratcher.

Petfusion Ultimate Cat scratcher specifications

Here are all the specifications of the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher:

  • Dimensions – this product is 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and weighs 7 pounds.
  • Materials – the Petfusion cat scratcher is made from recycled carboard, non-toxic starch glue so it’s good for the environment as well as for your cat.
  • Includes catnip – the cat scratcher has catnip included so your cats will feel automatically drawn to it. (saves your furniture).
  • Reversible – since the cat scratcher is made from cardboard it is reversible. This means that it has twice the use!
  • Warranty – when you order the product you get a 6 months warranty for factory defects. So you can be sure to get the product exactly as being described.

Note: for more specific information, available colors and prices, please check out the product’s specifications here on Amazon.

petfusion cat scratcher
Helps your cat stay in great sheap!

Two types of cat owners who’ll love the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher

  • Cat owners who are tired of having their cats scratch their furniture – if your cats are continuously scratching your furniture, you need to do something about it. Luckily the Petfusion cat scratcher has catnip I it, so you can be sure that your cats will love to scratch it above all other options.
  • Cat owners who are tired of buying expensive products only to have their cats get bored fast – if you find that your cats get bored fast from all sorts of cat toys, tree, towers and condos, the Petfusion cat scratcher is for you. Its unique curved design plus added catnip ensures that your cats won’t get bored from this amazing cat scratcher & toy.

5 Benefits of these cardboard cat houses

#1 Superior cardboard and construction

AS you might know, cats love to scratch cardboard. It brings them back to their days as happy kittens and they still love to claw it. The recycled cardboard is put into a superior model that attracts your cats. The curves make it easier and more comfortable for cats to lay on it and scratch their claws.

#2 Significantly outlasts other brands

Since this product was first brought onto the market many other cat toys manufacturers tried copying it. And while they might have succeeded in copying the general design, they did not succeed in copying the exact combination between the right materials and construction. That’s why the Petfusion Cat scratcher significantly lasts longer than all other cardboard cat houses products.

Feel free to try it for yourself and experience the difference!

petfusion company
Your cat will love it too!

#3 Promotes healthy nails and muscles

Scratching on cardboard is great for your cat. There is a reason why they love to do it and that is because it is necessary for them to keep their nails and muscles in top shape. You can see it as a mandatory workout your cats need a couple times of week in order to stay the happy healthy cat that you want him to be!

#4 Protect your furniture

As we discussed before, the design and the catnip in it will ensure that your cat feels drawn to the Petfusion cat scratcher. And this is exactly what you need. With many other cardboard cat houses, cats don’t feel as drawn to them and as result. They go back to scratching your couch or curtains. And this is of course the last thing you want.

cat scratcher furniture
Keep your furniture out of your cat’s claws!

#5 Cats love it and you’ll love it too!

A happy cat is a happy you. And for all the reasons mentioned above, we’re sure that your cat will love the Petfusion cat scratcher. And when your cat feels healthy and happy, then you will too!

Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher review

“I bought other cardboard cat houses before but this one really makes a difference. My cats loved it from the first moment I put it in my living room and not a day goes by when they don’t use it”



“Compared to all the other cat scratchers available this really is the best. And it’s also pretty affordable. If you’re still on the edge between which cat scratcher is the best for your cat, I highly recommend you pick the Petfusion one. It really does what it says it does and you won’t regret it.


Where to buy the best cardboard cat houses?

A good place to buy the Petfusion cat scratcher is on Amazon. You probably already have an account there, so you’ll know that your personal data there is safe.  So, if you too want to make sure your furniture stays safe from a claw-happy cat….

… then click here to order the Petfusion Cat Scratcher & make your cat healthy and happy too!

buy petfusion cat scratcher



P.S. do you want to check out some other cardboard cat houses? Go to this page to see all the best-selling cardboard cat houses currently available on Amazon.

Meow Town: These 4 Cat Products Will Make Your Cat’s Life Better

meow town productsThere are thousands of different companies that produce products for cats. But one of the more interesting ones is Meow Town. Apart from their catchy name, they also produce high quality products for an affordable price. All so that your cat can play with their toys, or you can get their easy-to-use cat litter furniture,.

In this article we’ll discuss a slew of Meow Town’s most popular products. You’ll find in their assortment everything you need for your cat (well, except for cat food – you can find more about the most popular cat brands here). But for all the other types of products for cats – Meow Town sure knows exactly what you (and your cat) need.

So if you’re curious what Meow Town exactly is for company, and what type of handy products they produce – please continue reading!

Note: Meow Town has more products – but for the sake of simplicity and your convenience here are their 4 most popular products.

About Meow Town

It’s a company that produces a broad range of products all designed with an active cat in mind. The Meow Town cat furniture will keep your cat entertained for hours and on top of that gives them a safe place for playing and relaxing.

All their products are made from high quality materials. So you can expect them to be long-lasting and with stylish appearance. But enough about Meow Town itself – let’s find out what their most popular products actually are!

Most popular Meow Town products

Meow Town litter box furniture

Having a cat litter box in the house is a great thing. It makes sure that your cat has his own toilet where he can go when he needs to. However, it can also gives off bad smell and doesn’t look very appealing.

This is where handy cat litter furniture from Meow Town comes in. You see, you can easily hide your cat’s litter box in the attractive mahony desk. It comes equipped with smart features so that your cat can easily enter without any problems whatsoever.

Meow Town
Your cat can easily enter through the magnetic door on the side!

On top of that it conceals the bad smell that would otherwise emerge from the litter box. And finally the Meow Town litter box desk is made to uniquely blend in with the rest of your furniture. Nobody will expect that this classy desk is where your cat goes. There is a small magnetic door on the side of the furniture where our cat can easily go through.

If you’re curious what else the Meow Town cat litter furniture has to offer – feel free to click here to check out all the specifics of this classy cat furniture!

Meow Town stainless steel cat litter scoop

Another very practical item in the Meow Town collection is their stainless steel litter scoop. After all, picking up the litter from your cat can be a messy experience. But with the easy to use steel litter scoops you can now do this without any problem.

The scoops are designed to make scooping up the litter from your cat very easy. The holes in the scoop are just big enough that the litter falls through but you can still take up the poop from your cat.

The set comes with 6 different scoops with all sorts of different colors. Perfect if you have more than 1 cat at home.

meow town stainless steel cat litter
Stainless steel litter scoops make cleaning up after your cat simple!

Click here to take a look at all the specifications of the Meow Town stainless steel litter scoop!

Meow Town thermal cat mat

Your cat loves to lie down everywhere. However, sometimes it can get pretty cold in your house (especially on the floor if you don’t have floor heating). So it can get cold for him.

Luckily you can help your cat out with the Meow Town thermal cat mat. It’s a small mat from 22 by 18.5 inch that keeps your cat warm and comfortable without the use of electricity.

The cozy mat reflects back the warmth of the body of your cat to make sure no heat goes lost to cool floors or other surfaces. It’s very comforting for cats, kittens, but also to aging pets, nursing females or cats who are suffering from an illness.

meow town cat mat
Your cat won’t feel the cold floor with this heat-reflecting mat!

It’s a very stylish mat (in leopard design) that can be reversed for a comfortable fleece surface – so you can try out for yourself what your cat loves the most.

Click here to learn more about the Meow Town thermal cat mat!

Meow Town cat scratcher post

If there’s one item that every indoor cat owner should have in his/her home it’s a cat scratch pole. Thousands of cat owners all around the world have saved their own (expensive) furniture with the help of a good scratch post. On top of that, It’s a great way to keep the nails of your cat healthy and strong.

Especially if your cat barely goes outside, he really needs to put extra care into keeping his nails into top shape. And that is exactly what he can do with the Meow Town scratch post.

It’s made from sisal rope and includes a little catnip toy that will draw cats toward the scratch post. So your furniture will be saved!

meow town cat scratch post
Keeps your cat’s nails sharp!

It’s a great post for smaller spaces. Because it’s only 12 by 12 inches long and 21 inches high. So the Meow Town cat post is very kitty-friendly.

If you want to find out more information about this great affordable cat scratch post – click here learn more!

Final words on Meow Town

Now that you know about the most popular Meow Town products designed especially for cats you’ll have learned a lot about how to make your cat more happy at home. Especially if you have indoor cats, the nice products from meow Town can really make a difference.



P.S. Want to see all the other products of Meow Town that you can buy on Amazon? Click here to see ALL their products!