petfusion cat scratcherTired of getting your furniture ruined by your cats? Cats are natural scratchers and love to play around and sink their nails into anything – so good luck trying to keep your cat from scratching all the things he’s not supposed to. But there is a solution… did you know that cats love to scratch cardboard more than anything else? That’s why getting one of the best cardboard cat houses will do more for your furniture than anything else combined!

In this article we’ll be discussing one of the bestselling cardboard cat houses all over the world: the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher. After you’ve read this article you’ll know exactly how to keep your cat from scratching your new (expansive) furniture and how to keep him happy at the same time.

Curious? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this amazing cat scratcher that will make you (and your cat) happy!

cardboard cat houses
The Petfusion Cat Scratcher is great to keep your cat away from your furniture!

Cardboard cat houses – the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher

Petfusion is a company that understands cats. That’s why all their products are custom made for cats who love to play scratch and jump around! And to be honest… what cat doesn’t love to? 😉 On top of that, they inject a good dose of stylish design, smart functionality and affordable pricing into their bestseller: The Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher.

It’s like one of these cardboard cat houses that you sometimes see at friends’ houses. Only better. And more stylish. So continue reading for all the specifications of this cardboard cat scratcher.

Petfusion Ultimate Cat scratcher specifications

Here are all the specifications of the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher:

  • Dimensions – this product is 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and weighs 7 pounds.
  • Materials – the Petfusion cat scratcher is made from recycled carboard, non-toxic starch glue so it’s good for the environment as well as for your cat.
  • Includes catnip – the cat scratcher has catnip included so your cats will feel automatically drawn to it. (saves your furniture).
  • Reversible – since the cat scratcher is made from cardboard it is reversible. This means that it has twice the use!
  • Warranty – when you order the product you get a 6 months warranty for factory defects. So you can be sure to get the product exactly as being described.

Note: for more specific information, available colors and prices, please check out the product’s specifications here on Amazon.

petfusion cat scratcher
Helps your cat stay in great sheap!

Two types of cat owners who’ll love the Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher

  • Cat owners who are tired of having their cats scratch their furniture – if your cats are continuously scratching your furniture, you need to do something about it. Luckily the Petfusion cat scratcher has catnip I it, so you can be sure that your cats will love to scratch it above all other options.
  • Cat owners who are tired of buying expensive products only to have their cats get bored fast – if you find that your cats get bored fast from all sorts of cat toys, tree, towers and condos, the Petfusion cat scratcher is for you. Its unique curved design plus added catnip ensures that your cats won’t get bored from this amazing cat scratcher & toy.

5 Benefits of these cardboard cat houses

#1 Superior cardboard and construction

AS you might know, cats love to scratch cardboard. It brings them back to their days as happy kittens and they still love to claw it. The recycled cardboard is put into a superior model that attracts your cats. The curves make it easier and more comfortable for cats to lay on it and scratch their claws.

#2 Significantly outlasts other brands

Since this product was first brought onto the market many other cat toys manufacturers tried copying it. And while they might have succeeded in copying the general design, they did not succeed in copying the exact combination between the right materials and construction. That’s why the Petfusion Cat scratcher significantly lasts longer than all other cardboard cat houses products.

Feel free to try it for yourself and experience the difference!

petfusion company
Your cat will love it too!

#3 Promotes healthy nails and muscles

Scratching on cardboard is great for your cat. There is a reason why they love to do it and that is because it is necessary for them to keep their nails and muscles in top shape. You can see it as a mandatory workout your cats need a couple times of week in order to stay the happy healthy cat that you want him to be!

#4 Protect your furniture

As we discussed before, the design and the catnip in it will ensure that your cat feels drawn to the Petfusion cat scratcher. And this is exactly what you need. With many other cardboard cat houses, cats don’t feel as drawn to them and as result. They go back to scratching your couch or curtains. And this is of course the last thing you want.

cat scratcher furniture
Keep your furniture out of your cat’s claws!

#5 Cats love it and you’ll love it too!

A happy cat is a happy you. And for all the reasons mentioned above, we’re sure that your cat will love the Petfusion cat scratcher. And when your cat feels healthy and happy, then you will too!

Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher review

“I bought other cardboard cat houses before but this one really makes a difference. My cats loved it from the first moment I put it in my living room and not a day goes by when they don’t use it”



“Compared to all the other cat scratchers available this really is the best. And it’s also pretty affordable. If you’re still on the edge between which cat scratcher is the best for your cat, I highly recommend you pick the Petfusion one. It really does what it says it does and you won’t regret it.


Where to buy the best cardboard cat houses?

A good place to buy the Petfusion cat scratcher is on Amazon. You probably already have an account there, so you’ll know that your personal data there is safe.  So, if you too want to make sure your furniture stays safe from a claw-happy cat….

… then click here to order the Petfusion Cat Scratcher & make your cat healthy and happy too!

buy petfusion cat scratcher



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