cat condo furnitureLooking for cat condo furniture? Then you’re at the right page! There are many benefits to having nice cat condo furniture in your house and one of them is that it keeps your cat healthy and happy. And as we all know a happy cat means a happy you.

But let’s get a little more serious. If you’re here on this page you’re probably curious what types of cat condo furniture there are. And the chance is also very likely that you want to get to some (more) benefits of having a cat tree or condo in your house.

Well, especially if you have an indoor cat. E.g. a cat who rarely (if ever) leaves the house, then making sure he gets enough play and exercise is of vital importance for your cat. You can make sure he doesn’t get overweight, keeps his muscles and claws in good shape. But he will also feel better if he can jump around on cat furniture and he’ll simply feel more like a kitty in the wild would feel.

So let’s dive into the first section of our cat condo furniture article and find out what types there are…

Looking for cat condo furniture?

When you think of cat furniture, most people get an image of a cat tree. After all, everybody has seen them around at the place of a fellow cat owner who keeps his cat in the house and has given him this to make sure he stays active. It’s usually a larger cat furniture and includes many extras such as scratching poles, toys and most of the time also some places where your cat can comfortably lie down.

After that, we also of course have the regular scratching poles. They can also be considered cat furniture and it’s highly recommended to have on in your home. It will keep your cat’s muscles in balance, his nails in good shape and your own expensive furniture untouched! On top of that they’re pretty inexpensive, you can already get a good one on the internet for twenty five dollars. If you’re looking for a good affordable cat scratching pole, take a look here and see if you like one.

buy cat furniture
Most cat furniture comes with a scratching post to keep your cat’s nails in good shape.

But let’s continue with cat furniture. Here are the 5 benefits of having cat furniture in your house…

Why cat condo furniture? 5 benefits of having a cat tree condo in your home

#1 Great for cats of all ages

Whether you have a couple of kitties at home, an adult cat or an older cat – having cat furniture in your house will allow each of them to play to their hearts content. While the young cats scratch the posts and play around with the hanging toys, the older cats can chill on the comfortable fur and take a little nap.

So if you have cats at home from different generation, or you want to keep the cat furniture for a long period of time. It’s great investment for the health of your cats!

#2 perfect combination between play and rest

As we said before, the cats can both play and rest in a good cat condo furniture. That is the main reason why people buy them: to make sure their cats can play during the day whenever they’re not home to keep them entertained. And if they get tired they can easily lie down on the comfortable fur.

#3 It’s fun to watch

If you’re anything like me you can stare for hours at what your cat is doing. It’s great how he seems to make up his mind to do specific things and even something as simple as jumping around the house or staring at a fly can be mesmerizing to look at.

With a cat tree or condo this gets even better. It’s a great pleasure seeing your cats behave again like kittens or young cats and seeing them run around and play. And it’s also a very good idea to place your cat tree in our living room so when you have guests over everyone can enjoy and watch how your cats are having a great time!

best cat furniture
Watching my cat play always makes me happy!

#4 keeps your cat healthy

A cat tree engages the muscles of your cats. He jumps around and scratches his nails. This keeps his body in shape. But he can also play and feel like a young kitten again. This is good for his mental health. He also won’t be bored and will always have something fun to do!

#5 It’s a stylish addition to your house

This ties in a bit to point number 3. Having a cat condo furniture in your house will make it look more stylish. After all, not many people have it in their own home. It’s a playful addition to your home and will sure get you compliments from family and friends who come and visit you!

Recommended cat condo furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a more traditional cat condo furniture then Go Pet Club is one of the first that comes to mind. They create large (but also smaller) cat trees and condos that will give your cats the time of their life. Made from high quality materials they can also handle large cats or many at the same time.

Read my full Go Pet Club Cat Tree review here to find out more what this amazing cat tree has to offer your cat.

Kitty Town

Kitty Town can be best described as a combination between cat furniture and Lego. The reason for that is because you can create your own cat furniture with Kitty Town. All the pieces can be attached to each other and you can change it so that you have your own custom built cat tree.

And if your cat doesn’t enjoy a specific part – you can just modify it! For more information, read my comprehensive Kitty Town cat furniture review here.



P.S. Cat trees can be great for your cats health and it’s fun to watch too! I especially like Kitty City – find out more about it here!

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