cat trees condosYou probably know that cat trees condos are one of the best all-around toys for cats. But did you know the exact benefits that come from having a good looking cat tree or cat condo in your living room? If you don’t… well then you have to read this article to find out more!

First we’ll do a quick overview of what exactly a cat tree or a condo is and then we’ll list all the benefits that you too can experience if you get a cat tree or condo in your house. And your cats will love it too!

What are cat trees & condos?

The terms cat tree and cat condo are generally used interchangeable. However, there actually are some differences. For instance, a cat tree doesn’t have to include a little covered house for your cat. So if you just want a little tree that your cats can use to claw on – then getting just a cat tree is often sufficient.

The condo however is usually larger. It can combine a cat tree with a little place where your cat can crawl in and where he can comfortably lay down and fall asleep. So the main difference is that cat condos are usually a bit larger than cat trees.

5 benefits of cat trees & condos

#1 Cat trees condos: All-inclusive cat toys

The main reason why cat trees and condos are so popular is because they offer everything a cat really needs. You see, virtually every cat tree has the following included:

  • Scratch posts – so your cat can take care of his claws.
  • Little hanging toys – these are great so your cat can hit them and simulate the real hunting experience that is still in his instinct
  • Comfortable place to sleep on – with a good cat condo there will always be a place where your cat can easily crawl in and sleep comfortably.
  • A place to jump on – cats love to jump. And they can do so to their hearts lust with a cat tree condo.

So as you can see getting a good cat tree or cat condo is really a place where your cat can do anything that he likes to do!

#2 Cat trees condos: Saves your furniture from being clawed

If you have cats in house then you’re probably familiar with finding your (expensive) furniture clawed at. Cats are wild animals at heart and it can be very tough to completely domesticate them. And one of their wild behaviours that it very difficult to unlearnt hem is that they want (or better said – NEED) to claw at something.

This is necessary for their claw health and because their instincts guide them to do this. All is good of course if they wouldn’t be clawing at your furniture or your curtains! The best way to *unlearn* them to do this is to give them a better alternative. That’s why it’s a great idea to get a cat tree. They virtually always include a good place for your cat to scratch at. The scratching material is most sisal rope – the reason for this is because this is the material that cats really love to scratch. So they’ll prefer your new cat tree over your new couch!

#3 Cat trees condos: Your cats won’t be bored when you’re not at home

This ties into the previous points. If you’re away all day (work, travel, hobbies) and your cat is inside, then there’s a big chance they’ll get bored. Cats (especially domestic ones) like attention and need to do something to release their energy.

The best way to make sure they’re not bored and won’t ruin everything on the window sill is to give them something better do to. And as you read in benefit 1: your cats won’t be bored when you get them a cat tree or cat condo!

#4 Cat trees condos: Your cat will feel better & healthier

If your cat has something to do all day and can claw to his heart’s desire than he will feel better. And if your cat feels better he will be healthier too. Having a cat inside your house is a somewhat unnatural situation for him and the best way to make sure he can release his instincts is to get him something he can play with, jump on and scratch.

Which is exactly what cat trees provide him 😉

cat condo tree
Your cat will feel better and healthier

#5 Cat trees condos: It’s fun to look at (and your guests will think so too!)

The final benefit of having a cat tree in house is the sheer fun that it can bring you to watch your little cats run around and climb and play and jump and scratch all over the place. Especially if you have more than 1 cat it can be an absolute pleasure to just sit in your favourite chair after work and relax and see how much fun your cats are having.

And I assure you that your guests will love it too. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a couple of cats run around and play and having fun? Exactly!

Recommended cat trees and condos:

There are many different cat trees and condos available. So it can be pretty tough to decide which one is the right one for you (and your cat). To make deciding a bit easier we have a couple of top-rated cat trees and condos here;

  • Go Pet Club Cat Treethis is a luxury cat tree that will ensure that your cats won’t be bored. It includes many toys and different platforms so they can play on it all day. And when they get tired afterwards they can safely retreat into one of the comfortable cat condos.
  • Kitty City this is a completely different type of cat tree. You see, it’s more like a Lego cat tree. You can create any possible combination you want so that you build the best cat tree that perfectly suits your cat’s personality!



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