covered cat litter boxesDoes your cat litter box also smell bad? It’s one of the main complaints from cat owners who keep their cats inside the house. After that comes the continuous scratching and clawing of furniture. However, for each of these 2 problems exist simple solutions. You can read everything here about god scratch posts for your cat – and this article will deal with the other solution for the cat litter box smell: Covered cat litter boxes.

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about covered cat litter boxes. What are they? What problems do they solve? Which benefits do they offer and of course we’ll also give you a couple of recommendations (one great covered cat litter box furniture plus a sifting cat litter box).

So what are we waiting for? Let’s find out why too should get a covered cat litter box!

Covered cat litter boxes

A covered cat litter box is exactly what it sounds. Instead of having cat litter just lying around in the open, you have it covered. This can be done in several ways. Either you get a small covered box, which is the cheaper option. Disadvantage of this is that it can still look a bit out of place or the smell might get through a bit.

The second option is to get a special cat litter furniture. The litter box either comes included with the litter box furniture, or you can place it in there yourself. The obvious benefit is that nobody sees that your cat’s litter box is in there. So it’s a better option for the hygiene. However, they can get a bit more expensive and you might have to buy a smaller litter box to place inside this cabinet.

That’s why at the end of this article you can find both options!

Benefits of covered cat litter boxes

#1 No more smell

This is of course the main reason why you want to get a covered cat litter box: to get rid of the smell. As we said before it’s a major complaint of people cat owners who keep their cat inside. However, it’s a very easy solution to get a cat box with a cover. This cover will ensure that the smell stays inside.

As a bonus some newer covered cat litter boxes even come with a charcoal absorption pad inside. This ensures that literally every single smell is taken care of and you won’t notice a thing that your cat goes there to poop.

#2 It looks like real furniture

This goes for the cat litter box furniture. They are designed in such a way that it looks like real furniture. Just as if you would have small cabinet standing there with some of your personal belongings. However, this is different. Most of the cat litter furniture has a little door on the side that is big enough for your cat to enter.

Then you can put the litter box inside and you cat can do what he needs to do. This works even better to keep the smell inside the cabinet and friends or guests would never notice that your little cabinet isn’t even a real cabinet!

#3 Give your cat more privacy

How would you feel if people would be watching you while you’re going to the toilet? Exactly – not too comfortable. Now, of course this is different for cats, but giving them a bit of privacy won’t hurt, right? And if your cat is totally fine with people watching, it would still be nice for you not to see how your cat is pooping while you’re sitting at the kitchen table enjoying your breakfast.

#4 Available in many options

And as we discovered before, you can either get a regular covered cat litter box or you can get cat litter box furniture. On top of that there are also automated cat sifter boxes that take all the work out of regular cat litter boxes.

So you literally have hundreds of different options to choose from. Now, in order not to make things to difficult you can read a short list of our recommendations for covered cat litter boxes below. You can click the links included to go to the full reviews of these products. So feel free to take a look and see if these covered cat litter boxes are exactly what you need!

Recommended covered cat litter boxes

Meow Town cat litter furniture

Meow Town is a company that produces all sorts of practical cat products. Their affordable cat litter furniture is a great example of this. It looks just like a regular cabinet, however there’s a magnetic door on the side that your cat can use to get inside to his litter box.

You can read more about the Meow Town cat litter furniture on this page. It’s a list of Meow Town products, so you have to scroll down a bit to get to the cat furniture.

Hagen CatIt Smart sift Litter Box

This is a very practical cat litter box that takes all the difficulty and dirty work out of cleaning your cat litter box. It’s covered and contains an easy mechanism that cleans the litter box. It’s manual, so your cat doesn’t sit on anything electrical or mechanic which could hurt him. All you have to do is pull the lever once a day and clean the box once a week (depending on how many cats you have).

Included is a nice manual that shows you the exact steps how to get your cat used to this litter box. And it also contains activated carbon to get rid of nasty smells.

Click here for my complete review of the affordable Hagen Catit Smartsift Litter box.

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