dry cat food brandsIt’s a long debate in the cat food world what is better for your cat: dry food or wet food. Even though there are no real studies done on the effects there are doubtless many benefits to giving your cat dry food. For instance, many vets believe that giving your cat dry food is better for their dental health as it keeps them sharp and makes your cat use his teeth. And that’s exactly why we’re going to discuss the best dry cat food brands in this article.

So if you’re cure curious what brands of dry cat food are good for your cat. Please continue reading.

Note: in this article we’ll first discuss the benefits of giving your cat dry food vs wet food. And after that we’ll give your our recommendations for dry cat food brands. So if you already know why you want dry cat food – feel free to skip to end to check out dry cat food brands recommendations!

Dry cat food brands

There are many types of cat food available. And it’s also true that many brands produce both dry and wet cat food. But still, here’s a short list of brands that produce high quality dry cat food:

  • Fromm
  • Orijen
  • Halo
  • Hills Science

So if you want to give your cat a good dry cat food brand, then you’re good with any of these options. Feel free to try out and see if your cat likes them.  But if you want to know the benefits of dry cat food vs wet food… please continue reading!

Why dry cat food? 4 reasons

#1 You can store it for longer

If you like to buy your cat food in bulk (like most), then it’s a very good idea to buy dry cat food. The reason or this is that dry cat food stay good for much longer than wet food. So if you can take advantage of a discount for a good brand, it’s often a very good idea to go for the dry food variant.

#2 It’s good for your cats dental health

The next reason is that eating dry food is believed to be better for your cat’s dental health. As you know cats have very sharp teeth and they need to make sure that their teeth stay in top shape. When cats are living in the wild, they naturally ‘train’ their teeth by hunting and catching mice and birds.

This means that their teeth will naturally stay sharp as they are eating tough meats. However, if you have your cats at home, then chances are that they don’t hunt as much (or at all). So one easy way to make sure that your cats’ teeth stay well is to give them dry food.

So they actually have to chew on it and this keeps their teeth sharp.

dry cat food better for teeth
Dry cat food will help your cat’s teeth stay razor-sharp!

#3 It’s cheaper

Another benefit is that dry food is generally cheaper than wet food. The reason for this also comes back to the fact that dry food can be kept in god condition for a longer period of time. But if you want to give your cat high quality food, but you’re still a bit doubting if it’s worth paying a lot of money for – I’d recommend you pick dry food cause it’s virtually always cheaper compared to the same quality of wet cat food.

#4 More natural for your cat

As we discussed before giving your cat dry food is more natural for him and this has a real effect on your cat. It will not only keep his teeth sharper but it’s also good for his instincts. Many cats seem to overeat on wet food since it’s easier from them to eat more of it. By giving your cat wet food he has to put a bit more effort into consuming the food – so he’ll eat less of it. Now, he still has to put less effort into than if were to catch a bird in the wild, but you the more his food resembles his real nature – the better!

#5 Better for his thyroid

Some doctors also believe that giving your cat dry food is better for his thyroid. The reason for this is because some studies found a positive correlation between fat food and hyperthyroidism. This might have something to do that your cat can easily eat more wet food than dry food. But still, if you wat to be sure of your cat’s health – then I’d recommend giving him dry food to be sure he won’t experience hyperthyroidism. Which can be a big deal in a cat’s life.

Best dry cat food brands – Our recommendations

We have given you a list of popular dry cat food brands in the beginning before. But because these brands still have many different options available, we’ve decided to give you 2 of our favorite dry cat food brands PLUS the recommend cat foods that they produce. Take a look and see if you like them.

Note: we have written more extensive reviews on these 2 cat foods in the specific pages. So if you want to find out more information about each of these dry cat food brands, please be sure to click the link!

  • Fromm cat foodFromm cat food is an all-natural cat food that is available in many different tastes. You can either choose between fish, meat and chicken with vegetables. The main benefit is that you can choose for grain-free. Since many cats experience stomach problems when eating cat food with grains – Fromm cat food can be a life-saver for your cat!
  • Orijen cat food this cat food is also available in grain-free from. It contains all the proteins, vitamins and nutrients that your cat needs to be healthy, happy and strong cat Absolutely recommended if you care about the health of your cat.


P.S. do you want a complete list of cat food brands? Feel free to check out this list of 10 popular cat food brands to get a feeling which ones could be great for your cat!

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