Go pet club cat treeIf you have your cats inside the house they won’t only bring you lots of joy in the house. Because virtually every cat has his wild side. What I mean by this is that if you don’t have the right tools in your home your cat could go a little crazy. And the last thing you want is you cat to be bored, hanging on the curtains and scratching all your (expensive) furniture. And that’s exactly where the Go Pet Club cat tree comes into play.

It’s a large (80 inch – 2 meters) high cat tree that ensures your cat will stay busy for hours. It’s a great thing to have at your place if you’re sometimes away for a longer period of time (going to work for example) or if your cats cannot go outside to release their wild side!

But before we dive into the specifics of this cat tree, let’s first shortly discuss the company behind this amazing cat tree: Go Pet Club.

About Go Pet Club

Go pet Club was founded in 2003 and since then has become one of the world leaders in pet products. They are very passionate about giving you the highest quality available pet products and make sure to always have something that will be of great value to either you, or your cat!

Go Pet Club produces all sorts of pet products (not only for cats!) and some of the more popular are the pet crates, pet furniture, pet beds and all sorts of furniture that your cat needs.

They manufacture all their products themselves, which means that they can offer exclusive design for each of them. And each product is also designed to be the perfect combination of style and functionability. So you’ll be sure to get compliments both from other pet owners and a happy meow from your cat!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree specifications

The most popular Go Pet Club cat tree is the beige variant from 80 inches high. Take a look at the picture of the cat tree and read about the specifications here below:

  • Material – the cat tree is made from compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope.
  • Cat size – the tree is suited for medium and large cats.
  • Instruction – everything you need for construction of the tree is included. You’ll also get a step-by-step manual so all you have to do is follow the instructions to build it.
  • Dimensions – 45’’ x 30’’ x 80’’
  • # of hanging rope – 1
  • Amount of hanging toys – 3
  • Number of posts – 3
  • Number of levels – 13

Note: for a complete overview of the size of each level and the complete price, please refer to this page (Amazon) for more information.

Go pet club cat tree review
The Go Pet Club Cat Tree has everything your cat needs!

Two types of cat owners who will love the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

  • Cat owners who are often away for a long day – if you go to work for long periods of time and there’s nobody home to take care of your cat and play with it, the Go Pet Club cat tree will make sure that your cat won’t get bored. You won’t have to worry about him scratching your new furniture or climbing on the curtains.
  • Cat owners who don’t have the possibility to let their cat go outside – if your cat cannot go outside on his own, he needs a place where he can climb, scratch and release all his energy. The Go Pet Club allows him to do all this inside your house. Perfect if you live in an apartment building!

5 benefits of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

#1 Great for cats of any size

If you have a larger cat it can be difficult to find a good cat tree for him as most trees are designed for smaller cats. This can make it pretty difficult if your cat is on the larger size to find a good cat tree for him. Small ones are either too small for your cat to effectively use it – or they are too unstable so it will fall when you cat jumps on it with all the force he has.

Luckily the Go pet Club cat tree is okay for medium and larger cats. It’s  very stable and the ‘door’ to the cat condo is large enough.

#2 Includes hanging mice for your cats to scratch

We both know cats love to play. That’s why the Go pet Club cat tree has 3 hanging mice on different levels. Your cat can scratch it and throw it around to release his natural hunting instincts.

#3 Has a little cat condo for your cat to rest

The next benefit of this cat tree is the little cat condo almost at the top. After your cat has played enough he needs some rest. And to make sure he really can doze off for a bit without anyone interrupting him, he can relax in the cat condo!

#4 Keeps you cat busy for hours

Because it’s a large tower it can keeps your cat busy for hours. There are many places to scratch, a couple of mice to play with and there’s even hanging rope for him to climb and hang on!

You won’t have to worry that your cat will turn to your furniture because he’s bored cause this cat tree offer many hours of cat pleasure!

#5 Fits more than 1 cat!

The last benefit is that more than 1 cat can play in this cat tree! So if you have several cats at home. The Go Pet Club cat tree might be the perfect cat tree to place in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have several large cats or many small ones. Although I do recommend that you place the tree in a corner for optimal stability.

Go pet Club Cat Tree review

“I have two larger cats at home and I work from 9 till 5 so at first one of them (the young one) was going a bit crazy on my new couch. To make sure he would have something to do and could use something that was meant for him to scratch I bought this cat tree. And I do not regret it at all! It’s really impressive and my cats ABSOLUTELY love it!”



“I recently adopted a wild cat from the street but I live in an apartment building. So I got this cat tree to make sure he won’t bore himself . He now can release all his extra energy without ruining anything!”


Where to buy the Go pet Club Cat Tree?

If you too want to make sure your cat doesn’t go bored and ruin your furniture or curtains. You can order the Go Pet Club Cat Tree online. It’s available on many places but I recommend you get it on Amazon. It’s a good place to order cat furniture.

If you want to give your cat the relaxation that he deserves…

… then click here to order the Go Pet Club cat tree & give your cat the relaxation he needs!

buy go pet club cat tree


P.S. did I mention that the faux fur on the cat tree is rated as one of the most comfortable surfaces for your cat to lay on? Don’t miss this amazing offer and buy the Go Pet Club cat tree NOW!

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