kitty cityIf you’re looking for great cat furniture that is both affordable and something your cat will actually play with – then you simply have to read this Kitty City review! It’s a great new concept on the regular cat tower and condos, and a lot cheaper at it as well. The best way to describe it would be as a Lego playground for cats. However, you have to assemble everything yourself, which only adds to the fun if you ask me! 

You can read this entire Kitty City review to find out if it’s something for you and your cat. But before we dive into the cat furniture, let’s first quickly discuss the company behind Kitty City cat furniture.

Cat furniture by Kitty City review

Kitty City is a USA company that creates unique products for cats. Their most popular products are the customisable cat towers that you can create and personalize yourself.  This unique approach to making cat towers has already sold more than 1,000,000 Kitty City products and each day more and more cat owners start discovering the possibilities that Kitty City cat furniture has to offer you.

kitty city review
Your cats will love to play on Kitty City furniture!

The great thing about all the is that it can be suited to each cat’s personality. Unlike regular *non-modifiable* cat towers, if there’s something you don’t really like. Or your cat doesn’t enjoy – you can just change it and rebuild your tower!

Kitty City cat furniture specifications

The most popular cat tower is the Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture.  Here are its specifications:

  • Ball toys – includes several ball toys with which your cats can play.
  • Soft fleece – all the little beds are made from soft fleece so your cat can comfortably lie and sleep on it.
  • Scratch posts – you can add several scratch posts onto the pipes.
  • Joints – the joints are made from ABS to ensure optimal stability for the cat furniture

Note: for a complete overview of all the specifications of this Kitty City cat furniture, available colors and prices please go to this page to find out more.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love Kitty City

  • Cat owners who want an affordable cat tower that is a lot of fun for your cats – because of the nature of the furniture, it is a lot cheaper than cat towers that are made from a solid type of material. But your cats will love it just as much (if not more!).
  • Cat owners who like to be creative – if you’ve loved to play with Lego when you were young, you’re absolutely going to love the Kitty City cat towers, as you can continuously change and optimize it to your own (or your cats) needs!

5 benefits of Kitty City cat furniture

#1 All-inclusive play for your cat

The Kitty City cat towers contain everything your cat needs. From toys they can play with, to sift beds that they can sleep on. Heck, there are even a couple of scratching posts so they can keep their little claws in top shape. The Kitty City towers offer an all-inclusive play & rest place for your cats

#2 Stable and very strong

Some people look at the Kitty City towers and ask if they are strong enough for a big cat to play on. The answer is yes! Because of the materials used in the rods and the connecting joints, the towers can handle larger cats (15-20 pounds) and you won’t have to worry about anything happening.

If you’re still a bit worried, I’d recommend you place it in a corner, so it has extra support from the walls. But, this is not necessary.

kitty city reviews
Kitty City review – Here are all the reasons why your cat will love Kitty City

#3 Suitable for multiple cats

Another benefit is that you can have multiple cats playing on it. So if you have more than one little kitty walking around in your home, then you can safely order the Kitty City tower, as it can have up to 4 or 5 cats on it. It depends on the sizes of your cats but since the tower is very stable it won’t be a problem to have several larger cats playing on it.

#4 Cheaper than regular cat furniture

If all the previous weren’t enough for you to really grasp why this cat tower is different from all the others, then this might convince you: these towers are actually cheaper than most other ones. This is because they’re not made from solid material. So on top of being more fun – they’re also more affordable!

#5 Create your own cat tower!

And last but not least is of course that you can create your own cat tower. Who doesn’t love to be creative when it comes to making a good play tower for your cats. And if you own other Kitty City products, then you can also combine them to make one big fur palace for your little friends! I guarantee you your cats will absolutely love it. And you too!

Kitty City review

“I recently bought a new one since my old Kitty City tower started to become a bit old (it was 7 years old). As my cats always really liked playing on it I decided to get a bigger one. The added benefit of having the old one is that I could still use some of the pieces that were still good to make the tower even bigger! My cats love it even more.”

– Jane


“Kitty City does a great job making good cat furniture that really gives cats what they want. Mine are playing on it all day and when they get tired, they can even sleep on it. It’s especially perfect as I’m working most of the time so they have something fun to do when I’m not around to look after them”

– Marc

kitty city tower
It makes for the perfect holiday gift for your cat!

Where to get Kitty City cat furniture

If you’re curious what the best place is to buy the Kitty City cat tower, then I recommend you go to Amazon. You can simply order it from there page and check out some more extra’s that will come in hand. Such as extra tower parts!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to order the Kitty City cat tower & start building your own cat furniture that your cats will love!

buy kitty city



P.S. Enjoyed this Kitty City review? Kitty City is one of the most popular cat towers in the USA. It’s both fun for you and for your cat. Click here to order Kitty City!

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