kitty condos buyYour cat is one of your most precious friends in your house. That’s why you want the absolute best for him. It’s always a good idea to give him the most healthy cat food available (click here to find out which cat foods we recommend for a healthy and happy kitty), but you also want him to have his own little space somewhere. Especially if your cat is an indoor cat it’s important that he has a little place that he can call his own. Now, you don’t have to create something yourself for this – because that’s exactly what kitty condos are for!

Note: in this article we’ll explain what exactly kitty condos are. And chances are if you’re looking for one that you also want to know what the some of the things are that you should watch out for when looking for a good kitty condo. So we’ll give you 5 things to look out for. At the end of this article you can read about our top kitty condos recommendations.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out everything about kitty condos!

What are kitty condos?

The word already explains it. A kitty condo is a little house for your cat. Cats are naturally very territorial animals. And that’s why it’s a great idea to give him his own space. A small place where he can feel absolutely safe and where he can comfortable lie and sleep. Because that is actually what cats want!

A cat condo should be a comfortable and cosy little house where your cat can always go and retreat whenever he needs to rest. Whether this is at night when he sleeps or after an intense playing session during the day. Kitty condos will make sure your cat feels good and it will satisfy his need for his own territorial space.

What should you look for when shopping for kitty condos?

#1 How many cats does it fit?

Some kitty condos are mad for 1 cat. Others are made so that several cats fit. So it’s important to find out what type of condo you’re buying. Always check the specifications to find out how many cats fit comfortable in the kitty condo.

#2 What is the interior made of?

This is the second thing to watch out for. You want the inside to be very comfortable for cats. Many times you’ll see that the inside of condos that are included in cat trees (see #3) is made from sisal rope. Cats love to scratch sisal rope and it’s therefore a great thing if the interior of his condo is made from it

#3 Do you only want a kitty condo or a cat condo/tree?

As we said in #2, there are also cat trees. A cat tree is a combination of a scratching pole and a large cat toy. And sometimes they even have a cat condo included.

Take a look at the picture below to see what I mean. This is the ultimate gift for your cat. He can play all day (when you’re at work and he’s not having anyone to distract him), and after he gets tired he can retreat to his own little comfortable place.

kitty condos
If you keep your cat indoor, he will absolutely love a good cat tree/condo!

So, it’s important to know whether you want just a kitty condo or a condo in a cat tree.

#4 Inside or outside?

Some kitty condos are made for outside. It’s more of a cat shelter, but the underlying principles are the same. It gives your cat a safe place to stay the night and he can comfortable sleep there. For outside condos it’s also important that they are stronger and can protect him from extreme heat/cold and wind.

On the other hand if you’re keeping your cat indoors, then you can simply pick any type of condo you like! Take a look at the kitty condos recommendations to see our top choices for both indoor and outdoor condos!

#5 Price

The final thing to check is the price. Not all condos are made equal and you want to be sure to not pick a very cheap one. Why? Because the quality is generally pretty shitty and it will either be not too comfortable for your cat or it will break down fast.

What is a good price? Well, depending on your type of condo I’d say somewhere between $50 and $200. However, if you’re getting a good cat tree with it, then the price can be as high $500. Your cat is one of your best friends and you sure don’t want to skimp on caring for him!

Kitty condos: our recommendations

Here are our top 2 choices for kitty condos. I have extensively reviewed both of them on this site, so you can click the links to read my complete reviews. Take a look and see if one of them suits your cat!

Indoor: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a cat tree that also has several cat condos included on some of the scratching poles. It’s made from sisal rope so your cat will love to scratch it and lie on the material. It’s a great all-inclusive option for your cats and you won’t regret purchasing this cat tree.

Click here to read my full review of the Go Pet Club Cat tree.

Outdoor: The Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is an outdoor cat shelter that protects your cat from extreme weather, wind and predators. So if your cat stays outside during the night (or day), this shelter is great affordable way to keep him safe. It’s isolated so it stays warm during winter and cold in summer.

Click here to read my complete review of the Kitty Tube.


P.S. if you haven’t yet – go look at the list of things to look for when buying a kitty condo. If you’re looking for a good indoor one – Go Pet Club is what you need. If you want an outdoor cat condo – then The Kitty Tube will be the perfect gift for your cat!

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