meow town productsThere are thousands of different companies that produce products for cats. But one of the more interesting ones is Meow Town. Apart from their catchy name, they also produce high quality products for an affordable price. All so that your cat can play with their toys, or you can get their easy-to-use cat litter furniture,.

In this article we’ll discuss a slew of Meow Town’s most popular products. You’ll find in their assortment everything you need for your cat (well, except for cat food – you can find more about the most popular cat brands here). But for all the other types of products for cats – Meow Town sure knows exactly what you (and your cat) need.

So if you’re curious what Meow Town exactly is for company, and what type of handy products they produce – please continue reading!

Note: Meow Town has more products – but for the sake of simplicity and your convenience here are their 4 most popular products.

About Meow Town

It’s a company that produces a broad range of products all designed with an active cat in mind. The Meow Town cat furniture will keep your cat entertained for hours and on top of that gives them a safe place for playing and relaxing.

All their products are made from high quality materials. So you can expect them to be long-lasting and with stylish appearance. But enough about Meow Town itself – let’s find out what their most popular products actually are!

Most popular Meow Town products

Meow Town litter box furniture

Having a cat litter box in the house is a great thing. It makes sure that your cat has his own toilet where he can go when he needs to. However, it can also gives off bad smell and doesn’t look very appealing.

This is where handy cat litter furniture from Meow Town comes in. You see, you can easily hide your cat’s litter box in the attractive mahony desk. It comes equipped with smart features so that your cat can easily enter without any problems whatsoever.

Meow Town
Your cat can easily enter through the magnetic door on the side!

On top of that it conceals the bad smell that would otherwise emerge from the litter box. And finally the Meow Town litter box desk is made to uniquely blend in with the rest of your furniture. Nobody will expect that this classy desk is where your cat goes. There is a small magnetic door on the side of the furniture where our cat can easily go through.

If you’re curious what else the Meow Town cat litter furniture has to offer – feel free to click here to check out all the specifics of this classy cat furniture!

Meow Town stainless steel cat litter scoop

Another very practical item in the Meow Town collection is their stainless steel litter scoop. After all, picking up the litter from your cat can be a messy experience. But with the easy to use steel litter scoops you can now do this without any problem.

The scoops are designed to make scooping up the litter from your cat very easy. The holes in the scoop are just big enough that the litter falls through but you can still take up the poop from your cat.

The set comes with 6 different scoops with all sorts of different colors. Perfect if you have more than 1 cat at home.

meow town stainless steel cat litter
Stainless steel litter scoops make cleaning up after your cat simple!

Click here to take a look at all the specifications of the Meow Town stainless steel litter scoop!

Meow Town thermal cat mat

Your cat loves to lie down everywhere. However, sometimes it can get pretty cold in your house (especially on the floor if you don’t have floor heating). So it can get cold for him.

Luckily you can help your cat out with the Meow Town thermal cat mat. It’s a small mat from 22 by 18.5 inch that keeps your cat warm and comfortable without the use of electricity.

The cozy mat reflects back the warmth of the body of your cat to make sure no heat goes lost to cool floors or other surfaces. It’s very comforting for cats, kittens, but also to aging pets, nursing females or cats who are suffering from an illness.

meow town cat mat
Your cat won’t feel the cold floor with this heat-reflecting mat!

It’s a very stylish mat (in leopard design) that can be reversed for a comfortable fleece surface – so you can try out for yourself what your cat loves the most.

Click here to learn more about the Meow Town thermal cat mat!

Meow Town cat scratcher post

If there’s one item that every indoor cat owner should have in his/her home it’s a cat scratch pole. Thousands of cat owners all around the world have saved their own (expensive) furniture with the help of a good scratch post. On top of that, It’s a great way to keep the nails of your cat healthy and strong.

Especially if your cat barely goes outside, he really needs to put extra care into keeping his nails into top shape. And that is exactly what he can do with the Meow Town scratch post.

It’s made from sisal rope and includes a little catnip toy that will draw cats toward the scratch post. So your furniture will be saved!

meow town cat scratch post
Keeps your cat’s nails sharp!

It’s a great post for smaller spaces. Because it’s only 12 by 12 inches long and 21 inches high. So the Meow Town cat post is very kitty-friendly.

If you want to find out more information about this great affordable cat scratch post – click here learn more!

Final words on Meow Town

Now that you know about the most popular Meow Town products designed especially for cats you’ll have learned a lot about how to make your cat more happy at home. Especially if you have indoor cats, the nice products from meow Town can really make a difference.



P.S. Want to see all the other products of Meow Town that you can buy on Amazon? Click here to see ALL their products!

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