orijen cat foodIf you’re a proud cat owner then you want only the best for your little feline friends. There are many things that are important if you want to give your cat a healthy and strong lifestyle and one of the most important ones is that he gets the right nutrition. And that is exactly why we’ll be discussing Orijen cat food today! Orijen cat food is a healthy source of protein, vitamins and minerals for your cat. SO you can rest assured knowing that your cat is getting everything he needs.

Note: in this Orijen cat food review we first discuss the company Orijen. Then we’ll shortly discuss the 2 types of cat owners who can benefit from giving their cats Orijen. Finally we’ll list the 5 reasons why you should buy Orijen for your cat and we end off with a good place where you can buy this cat food for a good affordable price.

About Orijen

Orijen is a company that produces high quality pet food. They mainly make food for cats and dogs with the following premise. They believe that most pet foods nowadays are not good for your pet. Why? Because even though the way of producing cat food has changed a lot in the last years, your cat’s biology hasn’t changed in the last several thousand years.

So it only makes sense to feed your cat what he would eat in the wild, right? And that’s exactly what Orijen accomplishes with their biological and nutritious cat food. Every taste is made with the things that a cat should eat. That’s why their products do not contain grains or potatoes – but mostly only meat, eggs and fish.

So your cat will get the nutrition that he needs.

orijen cat food reviews
Orijen cat food is great food for your cats!

Orijen cat food specifications

Since Orijen produces many different types of cat foods, we have picked their most popular taste here. This is Orijen Dry Cat and Kitten food. Here are all it specifications:

  • Protein – over 90% of the Orijen cat food is comprised of lean proteins.
  • Size – you can buy this cat food in bags of 4 or 12 pound.
  • Biological – all the ingredients are certified biological.

Note: for more specific information about Orijen cat food and the prices for each size, please refer to this page.

Two types of cat owners who’ll love to give their cats Orijen cat food

  • Cat owners who want their cats to eat an all-inclusive healthy cat food – Orijen contains all the vitamins and minerals that a cat needs to be healthy, happy and strong. So you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Cat owners who don’t want their cats to eat grains or potatoes – most other cat foods include grains or potatoes because it’s cheaper than meat or fish. However, cats are not designed to eat this and many cats actually react badly to it. You’d do well to feed your cats grain-free cat food if he does not tolerate it well.

5 benefits of Orijen cat food

#1 Grain free

As we’ve discussed before, Orijen cat food is grain-free. This is very important since many other brands (even the expensive ones) add grains and potatoes to their cat food. The reason for this is simple. It’s not because your cat needs it. On the contrary. This is done because these are cheaper sources of calories and filling for the cat food.

But they are not necessarily good for your cat. That’s why it’s important to choose for cat food that does not contain grains or potatoes if you care about the health of your cat!

#2 Keeps your cat healthy and strong

The right cat food is very important if you want to keep your cat healthy, happy and strong. That is why Orijen cat food contains a unique mix of ingredients that will allow your cat to be as active and healthy as possible. And a happy cat means a happy you!

#3 Protein from meat and fish

The protein in Orijen cat food is from meat and fish. These are all sources that cats eat in the wild. Their bodies have evolved to perform well when they eat these types of protein and I would dare to say that it is the only type of protein that really goes well with the biology of the cat. And you wouldn’t want to feed your cat something that his body isn’t equipped to handle well, right?

#4 Contains all the vitamins and mineral your cat needs

On top of the right proteins, it also contains all the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs. This is because meat and fish in themselves contain the right micronutrient balance and this will go through to your cat when he eats it.

#5 Good for cats of all ages

The final benefit of Orijen cat food is that cats of any age can eat this food. SO whether you have a couple of kittens at home, or some older cats – you can rest assured knowing that all of them will get the healthy nutrition that they need when they eat Orijen cat food.

Orijen cat food reviews

“My cat absolutely loves Orijen cat food. Before we got some cheaper variant from a local store, but he had to throw up after eating and stopped eating it at all. Luckily he now eats well again!”

– Jim


“We have several kittens and larger cats and we need a high quality cat food that is suitable for cats from all ages. Orijen perfectly fits with our needs because it is healthy and good for cats of all ages.”

– Maria

Where to get Orijen cat food?

If you too want to get your hands on a bag of Orijen cat food to give your cat the health and nutrition that he needs…

… then click here to order Orijen cat food & give your cat the nutrition that he needs!

buy orijen cat food


P.S. did you know there are other tastes of Orijen cat food?  Why not try the Fish mix from Orijen!

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