the kitty tubeMany people love to have cats, but want them to stay outside overnight. This could be for a variety of reasons. For instance because they want their cats to stay in tune with their nature, or they don’t like all the hairs (and smell sometimes) that comes with having a cat inside. But for many cat owners there are a couple of concerns: 1) what about extreme cold weather? 2) How will my cat survive the hot summers? 3) There are predators around (dogs or coyotes) – how can my cats sleep safe? If any of these things concern you, then the Kitty Tube might just be the best gift you can ever give your cat!

The Kitty tube is a cat shelter made specially to make sure your cats can sleep safe outside. Whether it’s a cold winter night, a hot summer day or if there are predators around – the Kitty Tube will make sure that your cat can sleep safely and comfortably.

Now, before we dive into the specifics of the Kitty Tube, let’s quickly discuss the company behind it & why they made this amazing cat shelter.

kitty tube reviews
The Kitty Tube will guard your cat from the weather and predators and is also very comfortable.

About Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is an invention of Jim Bradac, an inventor, father and proud cat owner. Because his wife is allergic to cats inside, unfortunately he only could keep his cats outside. One day his daughter came up to him and asked him if he could do something ‘to make sure that they have someplace warm to stay outside’.

Jim buckled down and after 2 years of designing and retweaking he came up with the Kitty Tube. It became an immediate success during Christmas 2011 and since then it has become the #1 outdoor cat shelter on Amazon.

But that’s enough about how the Kitty Tube came to be… let’s dive into the specifications of this magnificent cat house!

The Kitty Tube specifications

Since the first version in 2011, there have been a couple of improvements to the Kitty Tube. So far the newest version is the third generation Kitty Tube. Here are its specifications:

  • Safe outdoor cat shelter – the door is small and predators cannot fit through so your cat can sleep safe.
  • Isolation – the Kitty tube is fully isolated and will ensure that your cat can sleep warm in winter and cool in summer. Also keeps wind out.
  • Removable top – you can take the top off with the handles so you can easily clean the Kitty Tube.
  • Comfortable cat bed – the Kitty Tube comes with a comfortable cat bed.
  • Moisture resistant surface – the indoor surfaces are moisture resistant, which means that the interior won’t harbour mold, mildew, bacteria or cat spray/urine.
  • Air-ventilated – a small hole in the back ensures that the Kitty Tube is well-ventilated and ensures optimal comfort for your cat.
  • Made from fully recycled materials – it’s fully made from post-consumer recycled content, so you will help the environment when you purchase this outdoor cat shelter.
  • Dimensions – the Tube is 24 x 24 x 23 inches and weighs 18.9 pounds.

Note: for the complete specifications and price, please go to this page for more information.

kitty tube review
Here’s a close up of the Kitty Tube

Two types of cat owners who’ll love the kitty tube

  • Cat owners who are often away so their cat(s) have to stay outside – if you are often travelling or away for work it can be a good idea to leave your cat outside. He can catch his own food and you won’t have to worry that he breaks anything in the house. With the Kitty Tube you won’t have to worry about the safety of your cat.
  • Cat owners who live in more extreme climates – if winters are cold where you live (and summers extremely warm), then you need a fully-isolated cat outdoor cat shelter so your cat can sleep comfortably at night. The Kitty Tube provides exactly this – protection from harsh outdoor circumstances.

5 benefits of The Kitty Tube

#1 A weather-protected outside cat shelter

This is the main benefit of the Kitty Tube. It’s a weather-resistant shelter that ensures that your cat can sleep safe and comfortably in any weather. The isolation makes sure that it stays warm during the winter and keeps the heat out during summer.

It’s also wind-resistant so your cat can sleep protected from the wind.

#2 Comfortable interior and moisture resistant

The Tube is very comfortable to sleep in. The inner surfaces are all made from moisture resistant material. This ensures that it will stay safe from mold, mildew, bacteria and urine. So your cat can sleep in a safe and comfortable place.

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Here’s a picture of the inside. Comfortable, right?

#3 Keeps you cat safe from predators

The door is just big enough so that a large cat can fit through. This means that predators will be unable to enter. You can sleep safe at night knowing that there won’t be any large dog or coyote that can touch your cat.

In addition to the fact that the Tube itself is very strong, so predators will be unable to destroy it. It’s extremely durable and is guaranteed for life never to crack, chip or fade.

#4 Includes a washable cat bed

You can take of the top part of the Tube with the easy handles to clean the interior. on top of that, the Kitty Tube comes included with a comfortable cat bed – which is fully washable. So you can easily take it out and clean it in the washing machine. So your cat can sleep in a nice and clean bed at night.

#5 Up to 3 cats can safely sleep in the Kitty Tube

The shelter is large enough to house 3 cats. This means that all your cats can sleep together and hold each other company at night. It’s a safe and secure haven for all your cats. It can also be used as a good place for your cat to give birth.

The kitty tube review

“I have 2 cats that I unfortunately cannot keep inside the house as I am away often for work. I live in Canada so it can get very cold at night. Luckily the Kitty Tube does exactly what it promises and my cats can now sleep warm during the winters. I am very happy with my purchase and can recommend it to anyone looking for a good outdoor cat shelter.”

– Greg


“Great cat shelter. My cat absolutely loves sleeping in it and it took him only 2 nights to figure out. Easy to clean too, just take of the top and clean it.””

– Ann

Where to buy the Kitty Tube

The Kitty Tube is available from Amazon. You probably already have an account there so you’ll know that you can safely purchase there. So if you too want to make sure your cat stays safe at night, warm in winter and cool in summer then…

… click here to order the Kitty Tube & ensure your cat will sleep safe and comfortable!

buy the kitty tube


P.S. did you know that you can get the Kitty Tube with a small heater pad for if the temperatures really drop? Click here to check out the Kitty Tube with a SAFE low voltage heater!

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