top 10 cat food brandsIf you have a cat at home you of course only want the best for your little feline friend. And one of the most important things to give your cat is good nutrition. This will ensure that your cat stays healthy, strong, vital and happy throughout his long life. And remember: a happy cat is a happy you! So that’s why we’ll be discussing the top 10 cat food brands today.

For each brand I have included a link to their most popular flavor. So please take a look and see which of the following top 10 cat food brand you (and your cat!) will enjoy!


Top 10 cat food brands

#1 Meow Mix

Meow Mix is a great choice because it offers a 100 process balanced and complete nutrition so your cat can be as healthy and strong as you want him to be. Available in packages ranging from 3 to 18 pounds.

#2 Purina

Purina ONE is a high quality cat food that offers more than 42 grams of protein per cup. So you’ll know for sure that your cat gets all the building blocks to live a happy long cat life! Recommended by veterinarians and helps to prevent plaque build-up and whitens teeth.

#3 Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast is a sub brand of Purina but we’ve added it here in our top 10 cat food brands list because it’s a great cat food! Made from chicken turkey and beef so that your cat will love its taste. Has extra gravy for an even better taste!

#4 Whole Paws

Whole paws offers your cat a complete indoor formula brought to you straight from Whole Foods. So if you care about the source of your cat food, then Whole paws is a great choice for your cat!

#5 Friskies

Friskies is one of those rare cat foods that is really great for both maintaining the health of your grown cats as well as for raising kittens. Because Friskies cat food is made from turkey and chicken for healthy protein and has added minerals as well it’s a great source of wet cat food for your cat – whatever his age may be!

#6 Hill’s science diet

Hill’s Science Diet cat food is great for cats that need a bit of extra attention to their diets. It’s made from all-natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. This will ensure that your cat can easily digest it. So if your cat sometimes experiences problems with digestion, then the Hill’s Science diet cat food is the perfect option for him.

Hills Science Diet cat food makes your cat healthy.

#7 9Lives

9Lives cat food comes in cans and will do wonders for the health of your cat. Just like Friskies, it’s good for your cat whatever his age is. So if you have kittens that you want to grow well, or you have older cats who you want to age gracefully – 9Lives is the cat food recommended for you.

#8 Iams

Iams offers wet cat food in many different tastes so your cat will never get bored. Some of the most popular tastes include: Chicken, sardine, tuna or the seafood variety pack. Whatever your cat prefers, you can get it at Iams cat food.

#9 BLUE Wilderness

Blue Wilderness is grain-free cat food that is great if your cat experiences grain allergies. Many cats unknowingly suffer from this because their bodies have not adapted to eating grains. That’s why we heartily recommend you get a grain-free cat food. If only to find out if your cat’s health improves or if he can easily handle it!

#10 Halo

Halo cat food is also a grain free option that offers many different tastes. One of their most popular variants is the one with salmon – for extra nutrients for your cat. It’s a great option if you value an all-in-one cat food that offers everything your cat needs. Plus you can change easily change tastes without worrying that your cat won’t like it, since their products are made to be interchangeable in every cat’s diet!

Final words on the top 10 cat food brands

As you’ve read through this list of top 10 cat food brands, there are probably a couple of similarities you see between many of the highest quality brands of food for your cat. In order to make everything more clear – I’ve summed everything up what you need to look for if you’re serious about getting high quality nutrition for your cat:

  • Includes high quality sources of protein – when you look for a new cat food, make sure that the protein comes from real animal sources such as chicken or turkey. Some manufacturers put in plant protein but this is simply not sufficient for your cat and can lead to deficiencies later on in life.
  • Preferably grain-free – as we’ve discussed before, your cats stomach was not made to digest grains. Cats only need good meat and that’s it. However, some cheaper manufacturers put in grains to fill up their cat food as it’s cheaper. Do not let this happen to your cat. Although there are cats that do perfectly well with grain their diet, you wouldn’t want to take the risk, right?
  • Suitable for cats of every age – another important factor is that the cat food should be suitable for cats of every age. So when you have both kittens, the mother and maybe some other cats walking around, they can all eat from the same can and you won’t have to worry and micromanage that each cat gets the right type of food for him.

Where to get your top 10 cat food brands?

As you’ve probably noticed I have included a link from each cat food brand to one of their most popular tastes. You can easily order it Amazon since Amazon offers a wide variety of different types of cat foods. On top that, you can also easily navigate to other flavors of each brand.

I hope this article will give you lots of new ideas which cat food brands will be good for your cat. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!



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